Dude. That was INTENSE

Did you see LOST last night? My god. That dream/nightmare Locke had, with Boone all bloody? Scared the SHIT out of me. And is Boone going to die? I don’t WANT him to die! I love me some Boone! He’s such a loyal puppy dog to Locke. And why did Locke lie about what happened to him? And why did that light turn on? Oh – that was FREAKY. And does Locke have the use of his legs back full force? Or not? And how funny was the Jack helping Sawyer storyline? Especially the part about the STDs.

That show ROCKS. Rocks my SOCKS.

(It’s early and my word choice is that of a seven-year-old.)


13 thoughts on “Dude. That was INTENSE”

  1. That episode was awesome! I don’t want Boone to die either. I mean, if they killed off Shannon I’d be OK. But not Boone. Nooo!

  2. I want Boone to live, I love his eyebrows! I know that’s strange, but he has some intense eyebrows.
    I’m back to thinking Locke is not a monster, but I’m still not too sure how much I like him.

  3. Lost! comes out on DVD in September. I’ve decided I’m gonna just get the whole thing and sit down and get really drunk and watch it end to end.

    I’ll need a babysitter though. Anybone? Bueller?

  4. That nightmare totally freaked me out. So creepy. I hope Boone will be ok, but you know, one of the main male characters is going to die before the end of the season. I’ve been trying to decide who I can live without!

  5. I think I might have wet my pants a little at the end – the glowing box! Locke’s crying fit! The drama!

    I think Boone will either die in the next one as Claire’s baby is being born, or he’ll live and Locke will die at the end… I can’t get past the Locke-as-Jesus idea I saw on some chat room a while back. And now his mom just randomly made up the immaculate conception story? Hmm.

  6. What if Charlie finds out about all the heroin Boone & Locke fouond in the plane? Maybe Charlie gets done in by a massive heroin overdose.

    Got to wonder about the radio transmissions too. Were they understood by whomever that was responding to them? And is the radio still good after the plane finally hit the ground? What if Clare dies during delivery? Who would nurse the baby? So many questions.

    Glad we’re out of repeats for a while.

  7. This show is mad crack! What other show can reveal so little answers, pile on new ones and keep it’s viewership satisfied?

    I totally thought about Charlie when they showed the heroine. “That’s enough to keep him in business for the rest of his life!” But I don’t want Charlie to die.

    I don’t want Locke to die too. And yes, his dream was the scariest thing yet. That totally freaked me the hell out.

  8. I love LOST too,,,,,but they need to put more than 2 or 3 NEW episodes on in a months timespan!

    LOL, Ever been with a prostitue? LOL

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