We did not get to sleep until LATE last night because we HAD to watch the two hour Amazing Race and then we HAD to watch the Lady Vols beat Rutgers and then we HAD to watch House. And yes, those were all VERY important, shut it.

My point is that I’m freakin’ TIRED today, people. I stayed up WAY past my bedtime. AND I just ate a crapload of food for lunch so I have a full and happy belly. AND my feet are toasty because I have my heater on under my desk. AND did I mention I’m freakin’ EXHAUSTED? I am.

So – if you need me, I’ll be the one napping on her keyboard, drooling on the numlock key, and muttering things in her sleep like “Shut it. Rob and Amber do too ROCK.”

Care to join me? There’s room on this keyboard for two of us.


10 thoughts on “ZZZZzzzz”

  1. Gooooo Lady Vols! Although I hate to say it – I just hope we don’t lose *too* badly to Michigan State. Have you seen the SIZE of that team? I believe the buck’s going to stop there for a team that I’m a bit surprised made it to the Final Four to begin with. They’re good, as always, but this hasn’t been the Lady Vols’ best season ever.

  2. Its pathetic what the TV drug does to people. Killing themselves to watch shows like that. Next thing you know you are sleeping at work, defending your bad behavior, and wishing you were Britney Spears only less freaky and with more red hair.

    Leave her alone everyone, she has to help herself if she’s gonna make it out of the hole she’ s dug herself into.

    If you start selling crack to pay for cable upgrades, I’m calling for an intervention.

  3. I don’t mind the watching of Ambah & Rob, but if they win, so help me. I really, really, really, really want them to come in second.

    It was a good episode last night tho.

    Didjaknow that the one of the brothers was on Fear Factor once and made a total ass of himself? It was hilarious.

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