See Ya Later – Alligator

We Zoots are going out of town for the night. We are meeting my Dad and other family up in Tennessee for an impromptu mini-reunion of sorts. I am NOT taking the Doppler because I can only pick up the heartbeat of the baby every few times I use it, and the unsuccessful times between turn me into an emotional basketcase. NOT a condition I want to be in while visiting with my Dad’s brothers and sisters.

This will be a good trip, LilZoot has only gotten to hang out with this portion of my family a couple times in his life, and they weren’t recently. I spent a week every summer in this part of Tennessee and I’d like LilZoot to have some memories of it as well.

So. Here are the keys to the house. Feed the cats and walk the dogs while we’re gone. And no parties. We’ll be home tomorrow afternoon.

Dude. That was INTENSE

Did you see LOST last night? My god. That dream/nightmare Locke had, with Boone all bloody? Scared the SHIT out of me. And is Boone going to die? I don’t WANT him to die! I love me some Boone! He’s such a loyal puppy dog to Locke. And why did Locke lie about what happened to him? And why did that light turn on? Oh – that was FREAKY. And does Locke have the use of his legs back full force? Or not? And how funny was the Jack helping Sawyer storyline? Especially the part about the STDs.

That show ROCKS. Rocks my SOCKS.

(It’s early and my word choice is that of a seven-year-old.)

Symptom of Pregnancy: Inability to Avoid Memes

Stolen from Divine Reality who borrowed from Janey who got it from Laura:

Name the most unusual object you possess.
A very smooshed and loved stuffed Ewok that I received for my 10th birthday.

Name three things you like about yourself. Name three things you don’t.

1. My mad organizational skillz
2. My ability to see another person’s point of view (stolen from Divine Reality)
3. My feet. They’re cute.

1. The rest of my body
2. My over-sensitivity
3. My inability to cook and the fact that I don’t care much about my inability to cook

Name three things you’d like to learn.
1. Sign Language
2. Carpentry
3. Oragami (I’d be killer entertainment at parties!)

Name three things that comfort you when you are stressed
1. Baths with great bath bombs.
2. My beloved TiVo
3. Back rubs from my son


We did not get to sleep until LATE last night because we HAD to watch the two hour Amazing Race and then we HAD to watch the Lady Vols beat Rutgers and then we HAD to watch House. And yes, those were all VERY important, shut it.

My point is that I’m freakin’ TIRED today, people. I stayed up WAY past my bedtime. AND I just ate a crapload of food for lunch so I have a full and happy belly. AND my feet are toasty because I have my heater on under my desk. AND did I mention I’m freakin’ EXHAUSTED? I am.

So – if you need me, I’ll be the one napping on her keyboard, drooling on the numlock key, and muttering things in her sleep like “Shut it. Rob and Amber do too ROCK.”

Care to join me? There’s room on this keyboard for two of us.

Me and Mrs. Federline are TWINS

Have you read the tabloids recently? Have you seen all of the pictures of Britney Spears “Before” and “After” that show how she has developed a little bit of extra belly and a whole lotta extra boobs? And now everyone thinks she might be pregnant?

That is totally me. Look at her “before” and “after” pictures? And imagine the “before” not quite as tan or tone? And the “after” a tad more flabby? And you have my body transformation over the last 10 weeks.

This makes me feel VERY good about myself because I AM, in fact, pregnant. But it makes me VERY sad for Britney because if she’s not? How bad would that SUCK ASS to have photos published showing EXACTLY how much weight you’ve put on and where it has gone. And then to ASSUME she’s pregnant. It’s every woman’s nightmare.

One of the MANY reasons why I’m glad I’m not a celebrity. That and the whole Punk’d thing, of course.