• Soccer is Here!

    Spring soccer season starts this week, so my free time gets chopped in half. That’s why it was so important I get a lot done this weekend. I had SEVERAL things on my “To Do” list for this weekend that were blog related. I got ZERO of them done. Actually, I even undid something I had done, so that means I got negative things accomplished. So, Yeah Me! But I got almost EVERYTHING done on my non-blog related list, so that’s a big Non-Sarcastic Yeah Me!

    Oh, it’s also freakin’ COLD, so these first few weeks back on the fields ought to be nice and miserable. Just the way the start of soccer season SHOULD be.

    Pregnancy Update: Thursday morning is my ultrasound. There is no guarantee I’ll be far enough along to see the heartbeat, but they’ll be able to take some measurements to see if everything looks okay. My boobs are still sore and I’m cranky as hell. That first symptom hopefully means I’m pregnant, that second one? Just means I’m still a bitch.