Soccer is Here!

Spring soccer season starts this week, so my free time gets chopped in half. That’s why it was so important I get a lot done this weekend. I had SEVERAL things on my “To Do” list for this weekend that were blog related. I got ZERO of them done. Actually, I even undid something I had done, so that means I got negative things accomplished. So, Yeah Me! But I got almost EVERYTHING done on my non-blog related list, so that’s a big Non-Sarcastic Yeah Me!

Oh, it’s also freakin’ COLD, so these first few weeks back on the fields ought to be nice and miserable. Just the way the start of soccer season SHOULD be.

Pregnancy Update: Thursday morning is my ultrasound. There is no guarantee I’ll be far enough along to see the heartbeat, but they’ll be able to take some measurements to see if everything looks okay. My boobs are still sore and I’m cranky as hell. That first symptom hopefully means I’m pregnant, that second one? Just means I’m still a bitch.

Spring Cleaning

It’s like 50 degrees and sunny as HELL here people! And it’s only 9:30am. So I’m doing some spring cleaning. I’m going through those “junk” areas of the house where I hide stuff from myself and throwing the crap away. MrZoot would keep everything forEVER, whereas I would throw everything away after a month of no use. To compromise? I sneak and throw things away when he’s not looking.

I keed! I keed!

But I do have a theory that – if we’re moving in August – I do NOT want to just box stuff up because it’s HERE. I want to box stuff up because we want it to go with us. So, I’m taking some time now to get rid of stuff that has no USE or SENTIMENTAL VALUE (to ME of course, EVERYTHING has sentimental value to MrZ).

Want to help? There’s a junk drawer calling your name!

I’m scheduling time to be LAZY

I’m trying to organize my life a little bit and follow-up on some designs requests I’m late on. I sat down with my calendar and tried to map out the next few months deciding whose site I’ll work on when. (Don’t worry! YOUR site is the MOST important, I promise!). I realized that I really want to block off a few “Lazy Days” here and there. You know – the days where I do nothing but sit on my ass watching Ellen and Pump up the Volume with several naps and warm baths in between. Meals only consisting of buttered popcorn and ice cream, of course.

Yeah, that sounds great. I’m definitely going to go back and schedule some of those Lazy Days. But I’m not going to mark it as a “Lazy Day” on my calendar. Instead, I’ll put “In Meetings All Day. Do Not Schedule Any Tasks” in order to make myself feel more productive. I mean, if you can’t trick yourself into thinking you’re busy, how are you going to trick your boss?

The Pregnancy Expert

MrZoot has researched pregnancy in and out since the FIRST time we got pregnant. He’s becoming quite the expert and I don’t even bother looking anything up anymore because I know he already has. However, he sent me this tidbit this morning that I was unaware of.

Avoid such activities as downhill skiing, horseback riding, mountain climbing, and contact sports (like football or soccer) that could put you at risk for injury or a fall.

No FOOTBALL? WTF? I’m a linebacker for my team, how are they to play without me? I was SURE I could play football at least until the third trimester. And no downhill skiing? We have ski slopes all over northern Alabama, how am I supposed to entertain myself the rest of the winter? Luckily they didn’t say I couldn’t snowboard or that I would need to skip my rugby season – so I guess I’ll just stick to those activities. This pregnancy thing sucks.

Dirty Laundry

I slept MUCH better last night. I wonder why?

I bought both of my boys new underwear this weekend. It feels REALLY good to throw out the holey (HOLY?) pairs, never to be washed again! I would never wear a pair of underwear with holes in it – it would go immediately to the trash. But boys? They’re different. As long as the underwear stays on? Holes be damned, they’ll wear them anyway. Boys are so grody.

I also bought them new socks – but that’s because the old ones keep disappearing. Not because the socks have holes. The sock monster is NOT an urban legend. I promise you that. He/She is living in my laundry room and sharing dog food with Sweetie. AND he has good taste in socks. He steals the nice ones, not the old ones – the bastard.