Soccer is Here!

Spring soccer season starts this week, so my free time gets chopped in half. That’s why it was so important I get a lot done this weekend. I had SEVERAL things on my “To Do” list for this weekend that were blog related. I got ZERO of them done. Actually, I even undid something I […]

Spring Cleaning

It’s like 50 degrees and sunny as HELL here people! And it’s only 9:30am. So I’m doing some spring cleaning. I’m going through those “junk” areas of the house where I hide stuff from myself and throwing the crap away. MrZoot would keep everything forEVER, whereas I would throw everything away after a month of […]

The Pregnancy Expert

MrZoot has researched pregnancy in and out since the FIRST time we got pregnant. He’s becoming quite the expert and I don’t even bother looking anything up anymore because I know he already has. However, he sent me this tidbit this morning that I was unaware of. Avoid such activities as downhill skiing, horseback riding, […]

Dirty Laundry

I slept MUCH better last night. I wonder why? I bought both of my boys new underwear this weekend. It feels REALLY good to throw out the holey (HOLY?) pairs, never to be washed again! I would never wear a pair of underwear with holes in it – it would go immediately to the trash. […]