I just ate an orange and now I’m all sticky. Just thought you might like to know.

    Did you hear? Target is no longer selling Krispy Kremes! At least neither of our Super Targets are. They are going to make their OWN donuts in the bakery (they make Einstein Bagels in their bakery too). Evidently – Krispy Kreme hasn’t been delivering the donuts fresh enough to make the cost worthwhile. Because lets be honest, a room temperature Krispy Kreme is no different than any other donut. Its the HOT! FRESH! NOW! Krispy Kremes that are worth dying for.

    So, I find myself torn between two friends. I mean – should I continue to shop at my FAVORITE STORE IN THE WHOLE WORLD, even if they stop selling my FAVORITE FOOD IN THE WHOLE WORLD? Is my love for Krispy Kreme enough for me to boycott Target, for principal’s sake?

    Hell no. I can still get HOT! FRESH! NOW! Krispy Kreme’s at the Krispy Kreme place. I can’t buy a Buddha statue, Jeweled Flip-Flops, Sushi and Einstein Bagels during ONE shopping trip in any other location in town. And I’m afraid that means more to me than my donut loyalty. *sigh*