He’s just the BEST.

I so wish I could trust you all not to be psycho-freaks, because I would totally give out LilZoot’s IM and let you chat with him. He rocks. Example:

LilZoot in his room: hey
Me at the dining room table: hey
LilZoot: i love you
Me: i love you too stinker-butt
LilZoot: i m watching the simpsons to end the conversation
Me: hahahaha
LilZoot: hehehehehahahaha
Me: 😀
LilZoot: i luv u
Me: I luv u 2
Me: I like your bookmark, by the way
LilZoot: hehe
LilZoot: you want one
LilZoot: ?
Me: na – I dont really use bookmarks
Me: thanks though
LilZoot: ooooohh
LilZoot: 😎
Me: dinner is almost read
Me: i mean ready
LilZoot: ok
LilZoot: l
Me: you should come downstairs and bring me my mailing labels I printed up
LilZoot: ok
Me: thanks babe, you rock
LilZoot: rockster lilzoot
Me: yep
LilZoot: cisco is starting to sit under my desk
Me: Cool
LilZoot: hehe
LilZoot: sssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhh…………hes sleeping