• On the Road Again…

    In about 1 hour I’ll be hitting the road to make a 300 mile drive I’ve made no less than 100 times. I drove it every other weekend for three years taking LilZoot down to see his Dad. Believe it or not – his Dad and I were friends then – and only become NON-friends when MrZ and I married. It’s going to be VERY weird – making that drive with MrZoot. We will hang out in Columbus, with Junkie and Stace, and get LilZoot from the ex-husband for Tonight so that he can hang out with Junkie and Stace’s daughters – his nearest and dearest friends.

    Of course – He could see Ariel (Junkie’s daughter) more often if his Dad would swallow his pride and give Junkie a call to get the kids together once in awhile. Oh well…not everyone can be as perfect as ME. Hehehe.

    Where was I? Oh yeah – Columbus, GA. This means I’ll get to celebrate New Years on EASTERN time, and actually watch the ball drop for REAL, as opposed to an hour ahead of time. I havent rung in the New Year alongside the people in Madison Square in TEN YEARS. It’s much better celebrating WITH them, as opposed to an hour BEHIND them.

    Although – every other day of the year? I much prefer living in Central Time. The TV schedule is better this way! And that’s what’s important now, isnt it?

    OH! And I’m forgetting the coolest part: I’m going to meet my first BLOGGER. How cool!