On the Road Again…

In about 1 hour I’ll be hitting the road to make a 300 mile drive I’ve made no less than 100 times. I drove it every other weekend for three years taking LilZoot down to see his Dad. Believe it or not – his Dad and I were friends then – and only become NON-friends when MrZ and I married. It’s going to be VERY weird – making that drive with MrZoot. We will hang out in Columbus, with Junkie and Stace, and get LilZoot from the ex-husband for Tonight so that he can hang out with Junkie and Stace’s daughters – his nearest and dearest friends.

Of course – He could see Ariel (Junkie’s daughter) more often if his Dad would swallow his pride and give Junkie a call to get the kids together once in awhile. Oh well…not everyone can be as perfect as ME. Hehehe.

Where was I? Oh yeah – Columbus, GA. This means I’ll get to celebrate New Years on EASTERN time, and actually watch the ball drop for REAL, as opposed to an hour ahead of time. I havent rung in the New Year alongside the people in Madison Square in TEN YEARS. It’s much better celebrating WITH them, as opposed to an hour BEHIND them.

Although – every other day of the year? I much prefer living in Central Time. The TV schedule is better this way! And that’s what’s important now, isnt it?

OH! And I’m forgetting the coolest part: I’m going to meet my first BLOGGER. How cool!

Bill and Ted meet the Golden Girls

I’m always amazed at what fantastic friendships I’ve made in this here blog-world. Janet used her Spidey-Sense yesterday to recognize I was feeling a little blue. She also gives rockin’ gifts that match my personality SO well! AND she’s even helped me pick out the basic design for my Next Tatoo.

Then? Oliquig didnt even FLINCH when I started an email out to her with “Dude.” Of course, that wouldnt have been so bad by itself, but in the follow-up email where I was apologizing for channeling my inner teenage boy from the 80s, I actually used the word “Totally” followed by the phrase “Easy as Pie”…

Heh. I TOTALLY started that email off to you as “Dude….” I’m NOT a 14-year-old surfer boy from the 80s, I swear. But sometimes I feel possessed by one.

removing babble about hosts to use…and they are EASY AS PIE to work with…so it will be a breeze.

Does anyone under the age of 90 use the phrase “Easy as Pie” anymore? And really – unless you’re buying a frozen pie – is it really that easy? Regardless, she didnt flinch at that either. Of course – maybe she is just accepting my schizophrenia as fact and no longer questioning the derivatives of my slang.


It’s time for another Fake Friday for Zoot! I get tomorrow off since New Year’s Day is on Saturday this year. So, first thing tomorrow morning, I’m hitting the road to visit Junkie and Stace down in Georgia. Junkie lives in the same town as my ex-husband, which is who LilZoot is visiting all this week. What does all of that mean? I get to see LilZoot tomorrow! Woo Hoo!

I think I’m going to take the kids to see Christmas with the Kranks. I know its gotten DREADFUL reviews, but its the type of bad reviews that mean I would LOVE it. I’m a sucker for all of those Tim Allen family comedy movies. I know – NO SHAME.

What are YOUR plans?

A Whole Lotta Purple Goin’ On

I’m slowly but surely catching up on the designs I slated myself to work on. Here are two I just finished today. The first was a new skin for one of the first blogs I ever help set up. So – she has two skins right now, and BOTH by ME. Yeah, Me!


And then this was for another blogfriend, Lauren. She is the first one who wanted both sidebars on ONE side. I really like this layout and am glad to have finally gotten an excuse to try it out. What do you think?


So. Go say “Hi” and tell them not to hate me for being late.

Country Fried Brain.

Do you ever have those days where you feel like your brain is nothing but mush? That’s how I feel today. It’s almost like no one is speaking English because I feel like I have to REALLY concentrate in order to understand what anyone is saying. And tasks that should only take seconds? Are taking me HOURS because I can’t quite seem to make things click inside my feeble little brain today. And don’t ask me to read anything. Even though the words are clear, the concepts? Seem as complex as organic chemistry. You want a MAP? WHAT THE HELL IS A MAP? What do I look like, a Geographer?

So. I’ve either got a bad case of the “Post Holiday Blues” or I’m drunk. You decide.