Busy. Finally.

Yeah! I’m Busy! Whee! Seriously. I have a crap-load of work to do today. It feels really good. That’s one of the down sides to working for a contractor – there is not ALWAYS work to be done. But today? I have tons! Do you want to help? It’s a lot of typing. Typing words […]

My Lips are Sealed

I, Zoot, do hereby proclaim the following list of sentences/phrases and related variations of said list, to no longer be spoken from my lips. If the situations calls for one/any/all of these phrases to be used – the person responsible for inciting the need for these statements/exclamations/questions will be beaten. With wet noodles. Wet SPINACH […]

What Would You Do?

Remember how I mentioned that the rumor was that “they” say that since Halloween falls on a Sunday this year, we should Trick-or-Treat on Saturday? Well the newspaper printed an article saying that “They” are the cities mayors and that “They” SUGGEST that people Trick-or-Treat on Saturday instead of Sunday. However – several churches are […]