Guess what?

I have an announcement to make BEFORE I post more Halloween pictures. I’ll give you a hint: As we speak, I have ants crawling on my back! And they’re biting me!!

I am WIRELESS. As in…I have reached the pinacle of laziness as I can now blog and watch TV at the same time. As in, I can blog outside, at least until the ants start biting me! Yeah me.


14 thoughts on “Guess what?”

  1. Okay, I’m a little creeped out by the ants thing. But that’s okay ’cause you’re wireless now and that’s all that really matters ;) Congrats. And you guys looked great for Halloween!

  2. That’s awesome! That you are wireless. Not that ants are on your back. hehehe. I want to be wireless. I mean I can watch tv and blog; but I have the dang telephone cord to worry about getting tangled up in. Blah!

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