20 thoughts on “A Taste of Halloween”

  1. Purple is a great color on you, if you ever get tired of red. But, uh, having your skin ripped off? Not a good look for Mr.Zoot. Hope he doesn’t see any kids tonight, as Shaggy would say, ZOINKS!

  2. I know who you remind me of….
    Abby on NCIS…..You really don’t look like her but I think the hair style reminds me of her…She’s so cute……..
    Tell LilZ he’s wonderfully scary….
    Haven’t had one trick or treater..

  3. You guys are SO cute and I cannot wait to see more.

    You are very cute with purple hair!! You might be the only person on earth who could wear purple hair when it’s not Halloween, and I would say, “She looks good.” Because I’m bitchy. But you pass my test.

  4. You guys look AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks for the company on Trick or Treat nite…Bob, the baby Jaguar and the incarcerated pumpkin had a great time with you and LilZ.

  5. You know, seriously…most people would look hideous with purple hair but it actually looks nice on you! You must be a Spring. *wink*

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