I’m a Failure

I grocery shop, for the entire week, every Saturday morning at 8:00am. That’s when Target opens and I have the store all to myself. I have my pantries (I amost typed panties…hee) set up so that when I open them? I can tell what’s missing and what I need. I keep three cans of all the necessary vegetables/beans/sauces at all times. MrZ and LilZ eat the same type of items for lunch every day. I have perfected the art of how to stock so that I can stay within budget every week and always have a variety of foods to cook and pack. I plan ahead so that I can stock up on things I’m going to run out of BEFORE we run out.

I’m brilliant you see. Or at least I THOUGHT I was.

But. There seems to be a kink in the system. I am looking at a grocery trip this week where we are out of EVERYTHING. How did this happen? The system I’ve worked so hard to perfect has ABANDONED ME. Paper towels, facial soap, sandwich bags. We need ALL of them this week. Bags of frozen chicken breats? There are NONE in my freezer. How did that happen? Ketchup? Nada. Dog treats? Zilch. Cat food? All gone. There is no way I’m going to be able to stock all the non-food items AND buy food for a week AND stay within budget.

I’m so fired.


12 thoughts on “I’m a Failure”

  1. Life feels very strange when you run out of ketchup. It’s one of those things you always assume is there, lurking in the back of the fridge. I’m in need of vacuum cleaner bags but keep forgetting when I’m at the store because when do I ever need to buy new vacuum cleaner bags?

  2. I love to grocery shop. I am such a browser…..Deb is more of a run in grab what you need and get the hell out. If it was up to me – Id be a professional food shopper. I guess based on the size of my ass thats a fair statement LOL

  3. The strangest thing to run out of is salt…NOBODY runs out of salt. We are always out of paper towels here, that’s why our sleeves look like they do..

  4. This happens to me every few months. I think everything just catches up to each other eventually. Plus, if you’re not paying attention to everything one particular week, the next week you need so much more. You’re not fired, you’re just on probation! ;)

  5. The fact that you have a system, even if it broke down this one time, means you are not a failure and should not be fired. The fact that you grocery shop at Target is interesting to me. Our Target does not carry meat and chicken and lots of other stuff. My system is this:
    Try to remember what was written on the “what we need” wipe board, try to rememebr the coupons, try to stick to the budget….go to ther grocery store, get what I think we need, not have the coupons and inevitably forget the 3 most important things. *sigh*

  6. Your a failure because you ran outta stuff? Thats probably the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. Sleep in on Saturday’s sometimes. Relax, breath.

  7. um, I can’t really offer advice, because the only things we have left in our pantry right now, are the things that my husband won’t touch with a ten foot pole. I am also out of dog food and actually fed my dogs leftover chinese food this morning before going to work so they wouldn’t starve to death.
    And laundry detergent. Ran out of that last night, but that just happened to be a great excuse for not having to fold clothes.
    I’m a bad woman, I tell you.

    So anyway, remember a long time ago when you said if I ever needed help with typepad? um, well. I need it. I upgraded to pro to try and make my site pretty, and I– the most technologically mute person– am lost as a goose (we knew this would happen) and am asking for your help. Oh beautiful and smart and everything that is bloggy-full one. So will you email me? pretty please?

    I’ll send you a present from NYC!

  8. Um, I just began an ANAL RETENTIVE grocery system. I even have a SPREADSHEET for it.

    Basically, I have an inventory of everything I want to have in the house at all times. Soup? 6 Toilet paper? 10 rolls. Margarine? 1. I go through the inventory and check everything, like a restaurant or something, and do one big grocery shop a month. I buy fresh veggies & fruit weekly. So I keep a budget for the BIG shop, and a weekly budget for fruits, veggies, and misc I need at random. The first one was expensive, because I was stocking up, but from now on it should be good. I’ll have to keep you posted.

    I can even send you my little dorky spreadsheet if you want and you can modify it yourself.

  9. Ah Zoot…You’re not fired! No Donald Trumps with scary combovers anywhere around here! Oh and I totally read panties intstead of pantries.

  10. Well, this is what it’s like all the damned time in our house, so the fact that this has only happened to you once impresses the hell out of me!

  11. I should’ve gone grocery shopping tonight, and well, I sort of did; I bought bread and eggs. But then I gave up and bought a pizza.

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