Wish Us Luck!

Guess who has NOTHING at ALL to do today? Who? Come on…Guess who will be sitting on her ass all day watching TV and reading and just being unproductive and lazy?

Come on, Guess!

No. Not me. We have two Playoff soccer games (9am and 12noon – wish us luck!), Halloween festivities, I have to go to the post office (closed tomorrow), Gotta’ get groceries, I may have a Halloween party to go to, AND I need to wash my car.

But tomorrow? The lazy person? Will totally be me.

I’m a Failure

I grocery shop, for the entire week, every Saturday morning at 8:00am. That’s when Target opens and I have the store all to myself. I have my pantries (I amost typed panties…hee) set up so that when I open them? I can tell what’s missing and what I need. I keep three cans of all the necessary vegetables/beans/sauces at all times. MrZ and LilZ eat the same type of items for lunch every day. I have perfected the art of how to stock so that I can stay within budget every week and always have a variety of foods to cook and pack. I plan ahead so that I can stock up on things I’m going to run out of BEFORE we run out.

I’m brilliant you see. Or at least I THOUGHT I was.

But. There seems to be a kink in the system. I am looking at a grocery trip this week where we are out of EVERYTHING. How did this happen? The system I’ve worked so hard to perfect has ABANDONED ME. Paper towels, facial soap, sandwich bags. We need ALL of them this week. Bags of frozen chicken breats? There are NONE in my freezer. How did that happen? Ketchup? Nada. Dog treats? Zilch. Cat food? All gone. There is no way I’m going to be able to stock all the non-food items AND buy food for a week AND stay within budget.

I’m so fired.