LilZoot’s Wedding Party

I’ve mentioned how important it was to us that LilZoot feel as big of a part of the wedding as we were. So, we let him choose some friends to be in the wedding too. Of course, knowing he’d pick my best friends children helped! Seeing Lauren and Leah last night, and Type A visiting Junkie and Ariel this weekend made me think of them all in their dresses and tuxes. They were AWESOME that day. They did their jobs well and danced with me all night long, which is what I had asked them to do. I didnt want to be the only one dancing, and when there’s music, I have to dance, so I had already asked them all to dance with me if no one else did. I’m always prepared like that…


I could really use a nap. Will someone cover for me if I curled up under my desk for a little shut-eye? I’ll forward my calls to your office and you can just tell them “She’s in a meeting.” How about it?

Oh. And you all give great advice. The family reading hour rocks. So, my next question is – who has an easy recipe for beef stew that can be cooked in a crock pot? Remeber: EASY is the key word. EASY.

Now – if you need me? I’ll be the one in the fetal position snoring away in the office down the hall. G’night.

To Be Grounded, or Not to be Grounded…

Decent grades come easy to LilZoot, but he has to work for the good grades. Every year in the past he brings home As and Bs with the occasional C.

Well, this year is a whole other story. He has yet to bring home a Wednesday Folder (the folder that has the week’s assignments/grades/notices) with ONLY As and Bs. Every week there has been at least one C, and sometimes, even a D. Granted – they are all due to careless mistakes or going too fast (a quality I fear he inherited from his mother). So, a few weeks ago I told him he was grounded from TV (outside of family TV time) and from his friends until he brought home a Wednesday folder with only As and Bs.

He’s fairly confident this Wednesday will do the trick. He’s taken his time, he’s double checked his work, and he feels good about his grades.

The only problem?

I don’t want him to be un-grounded!

He’s been reading like a madman the last two weeks! He always reads at school, and stays way ahead in his Accelerated Reader program, but he rarely reads at home. These past two weeks? He’s been reading non-stop because there’s little else to do. (of course, he’s not finishing many of the books because he keeps starting new ones, but that’s another entry for another day) He’s even given me a few books to read that he thinks I’ll like. So, I need your help.

I need a good reason to ground him again if he brings home all As and Bs on Wednesday. Maybe because he didn’t make his bed? (Eventhough I never ask him too). Or maybe I should ground him because he didnt wash my car? (Didnt ask him to do that either…but he should have done it anyway!). Help me out – – – why should I ground him?
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Spontaneous Sushi.

Dude. That would be an awesome name for a rock album, if I were, you know, in a rock band.

My point?

Yeah. Stace had to bring Leah in town for a check-up this afternoon. She brought Lauren and we all met afterwards for sushi at our favorite Japanese Restaurant. We ate obscene amounts of food, laughed a lot of laughs, and wore tiaras. In short? A perfect night. Click on the pictures to see them bigger, and yes, there is a courtyard/fishpond inside the restaurant.

Setting the Date

Well, once we were engaged we wasted no time in setting a date. We had no interest in a long engagement, but we needed time to plan a wedding for about 120-150 guests. I looked at the calendar and saw that October 25th would be a good date because it was a weekend LilZoot had with me, and he was out of school the following Monday which would mean that he would only miss four days of school for the FamilyMoon.

I called MrZ to make sure that was a good day for him, and we started with the planning. Never looking back…

Then, a week or so later, my mom calls and says “Guess what I just realized? The 25th is the day your father and I got married…”

Now, keep in mind my parents split over 20 years ago, so it’s not like it was a day we all celebrated, so I never knew when their anniversary was. Some people might have found it unlucky to get married on the same day their divorced parents did, but I thought it made an awesome story, and that’s really all that matters, right?

Fast forward a few weeks when I’ve started trying to reserve places to get married. I was suprised at how open that day seemed to be considering I wasnt even calling six months in advance. Then MrZ called me and said “Do you realize what day we’ve planned our wedding on? How about this for a hint…The third Saturday in October?”

For the non-football fans among you, I’ll explain. The third Saturday in October has traditionally been the day that Tennessee plays Alabama in college football. MrZoot and I, being die-hard fans of opposing teams in that battle, know that day all too well. The second he pointed it out to me I A)Felt incredibly stupid that it hadnt occurred to me yet and B)Realized why I wasnt having trouble booking things on that day. We decided as long as we would be able to have a TV in the reception area, we’d be fine because the wedding ceremony would only last 15 minutes or so.

Yes. When calling to book places for my wedding reception, I actually demanded that there be a TV available so we could watch the game in case it was an evening game. And I was asking just as much for myself as I was for MrZoot. Gotta love SEC brides…
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