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Lost was even better this week than it was last. If you arent watching it, then watch the 2-hour premier on Saturday and catch up, because it’s awesome. I’d really like to bring up some of the twists, but I don’t want to ruin it. But did I mention it was awesome?

The Apprentice. I am so ashamed to be a woman right now that I might just rip out my uterus and start wearing a tie to work every day. There were two women this week who did not make me want to take testosterone supplements. Jennifer M, and CAROLYN, and she’s not even a freakin’ contestant. She’s just a woman shaking her head in shame like the rest of us.


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  1. Okay, after reading this here and looking WAY too much at the TVwoP forums, I’m gonna watch Saturday night if it kills me.

    That or buy a Tivo between now and then…

  2. I am also hooked on Lost. Even my husband likes it, and he doesn’t like anything! I didn’t realize it was going to be on on Saturday. I missed a little of last night’s episode — glad I’ll have a chance to catch it now.

  3. Yes… Love “Lost” my husband and I were discussing it after last nights ep. What I was wondering is it a miniseries thing or a new show …? We saw it from the beginning but will be watching the 2 hr. recap anyway. based on the 1st two ep. I am hooked, If it is a miniseries, I hope they put it out on DVD…

  4. Egads woman, leave your uterus in! Absolutely NONE of the women on the show are worth it. I’ve seen groups of women. I’ve seen (known) mean women. I have never seen such a mean group of women. Not even in the movies.

  5. WHAT?!? Apprentice was on last night? Where was my memo. I have to talk to my peeps….

    Seriously I know women who think that in order to get ahead they have to be mean (nasty) to compete in what they think is a man’s world. They lose all sense of self and compassion and humanness. And these women are not on TV.

    Keep you uterus. These women are hardly worth an ovary, never mind an entire uterus.

  6. Oh.My.God. I can’t believe those women on Apprentice! I’m waiting for CaroLYN (not line) to snap on somebody and gouge their eyes out. She is getting nastier and nastier to those women every week, and rightly so.

  7. Add me and hubby to the list of people hooked on “Lost.” It has totally sucked us in. We spend a lot of the show looking at each other with confused expressions, saying things like, “What was…?” “Is that…?” “What is with that guy?” etc.

  8. No, THOSE women need their uteruses (uteri?) ripped out to make sure they do not procreate and pass their nasty-ass tendencies on to a new generation. Holy crap, I have never seen a group of women so self-centered, snotty, and hypocritical. And that includes the female population of my junior high school. On the other hand, how much do we love Carolyn? I want her to be my new best friend and go around delivering smackdowns for me and telling people to shut up. She’s awesome.

  9. Zoot — which Carolyn/line were you talking about? Not Trump’s gal? I thought she was quite amazing. Why can’t the contestants be professional and awesome like her?

  10. I didn’t like the first hour of Lost, but I’ll let you know after I see the second hour.

    And I’m with you on The Apprentice. Those women are horrible!!

    You must have watched Saturday’s Extra! Boardroom! Footage! if you like Jennifer M., though, didn’t you?

  11. I love Carolyn but I can’t tell you how much I hated Jen (the one that got fired) What a witch!

    It cracks me up when Trump tells people to shut up or to quit interrupting. I LOVE this show!

  12. I wanted to watch Lost! but after seeing a ten second preview where the airplane comes apart in mid-air I decided not to have it on while the kids were awake (which is pretty much anytime before 10:00) and we don’t have a tivo.

    I am STILL fending questions about “the building that’s broken” (WTC, Pentagon) and “the bad guy in the desert” (Osama, Saddam) and I don’t want them getting on an airplane with us someday and going “Is this going to fall apart like the one on TV?”

  13. I love Lost! I wasn’t going to watch it at first, but then I gave into my Dominic Monaghan lust & now I’m hooked!

    I haven’t watched any of The Apprentice this season, though. I keep forgetting when it comes on & end up watching something else!

  14. i only caught the last half hour of the second episode. when i saw it was on this saturday i became quite excited! good thing i’m not working this saturday :) i plan on being a tv junkie! got to when i can (working sunday *cries*). besides, it’s supposed to be freezing tomorrow. anyway, LOST looks like it may be a “keeper”

    oh, btw, since this is tv talk. my mind is so out of it. i saw an ELMO commercial earlier tonight.. a hord of kids were all chanting “EL-MO, EL-MO”. ya wanna know what i heard? “HELL NO, HELL NO” yeah, i need sleep!!!!

    good lord, i’m adding a senslessness post in someone elses blog’s comments O_o *sigh* i hear my bed calling…

  15. I want to slap each and every one of those women on the Apprentice. They are the reason why women get such a bad rep in business. Grrrrr….. Maybe we will get to see Carolyn slap the crap out of some of them later in the season. One can only hope!

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