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So, I’ve decided I like the word gregarious. I am going to try to work it into conversation more because it’s just a cool word. Do you have any words like that? That you just like? Quintessential. Thats another one, but I’m not sure exactly how to use that one, so I don’t. But I like it when other people use it.

What are your favorite words?


34 thoughts on “Cool Words”

  1. One of my all-time favorite words comes from a SNL sketch where Will Ferrell spoofs James Lipton from “Inside the Actor’s Studio.”

    scrumtrulescent – The absolute peak of perfection

  2. Incongruous, succulent, mecca, plethora, nonchalant, superfluous, ecletic, lackidaisical (me, according to my mother)…many that others have already used…the list goes on and on….

  3. esoteric is my favorite word…I like they way it slips off the tongue…also amongst my favorites are your garden variety cuss words…

  4. Knucklehead is my favorite. Zephyr would be #2. Then in random order; stinker/stinky, lugubrious, twinkie, chuckle/chucklehead, Farfel, cheesy.
    Oh, and Z, you have the quintessential blog (representative of the best)

  5. extrapolate – I had a teacher that used it all the time, and now I find myself trying to fit it into conversation. Why?

  6. my favorites, by far are: keebler (it’s fun to say), concrete and isuzu. my hubby got me into saying things incorrectly too… like instead of frappe (its a massachusetts thing) i’ll say frap-pay, and fragile becomes fra-jil-lay. kinda like Dory in Nemo… “Look, here’s something! ‘ESSS-CA-PE’! I wonder what that means. It’s funny, it’s spelled
    just like the word ‘escape’.”

  7. I like the way asthetic sounds. When I was a little girl if I was scared I would say evoo over and over like a mantra, because I’m weird like that.

  8. I do like the word quintessential. I use it to describe Salem, MA (where I live). It’s quintessential New England! :) Other than that, I’m not too sure…

  9. confabulation is my choice although I like antidisestablimentarianism too (it means originally, opposition to the disestablishment of the Church of England, now opposition to the belief that there should no longer be an official church in a country.)

    Go to and enroll in the word of the day. You get a new and unusual word in your inbox every day!

  10. quixotic

    And you’ll never believe this, but I was rolling “gregarious” around in my head just last night. Because I am a word geek. A quintessential work geek.

  11. Lactomangulation
    It’s not a real word, yes I know. But when someone opens the wrong end of a carton of milk or orange juice, it’s always fun to call them a lactomangulator!
    Okay, I’m wierd.
    Other words?

    ad nauseum
    ad hoc

    Okay, I’m done now but I could go on forever….

  12. my word is swickk. I say sweet and sick alot so i decided it would be good to put them together. [=

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