MrZ – A Resource for ALL Bloggers

As you well know, MrZoot publishes all my entries for me during the day, thanks to our new fancy firewall here at work. Well today? I get this email:

My internet is down! this is from cell. Can u post a little on my blog? whenever u can. This sux! Have a great day! Pam

And I’m all “Yeah! Sure! Zoot to the rescue!” But then I’m all “Shit. I can’t see her blog, much less the blogger page for me to login at.” So, I call up (if by “call” you mean “email”) MrZoot and remind him that Pam is the person who recommended him a shoe place that would analyze his run and recommend a shoe for him. A shoe place and an experience he enjoyed thoroughly and bragged about to his family. Of course, it also allowed him to have this fun conversation:

“How did you hear about our store, Sir?”
“My wife’s blogfriend in Canada, of course. She told me about this store less than 2 miles from my front door. How do you usually get customers?”

So HE logged into blogger as ME, and published an entry as me, for her, on her blog, explaining her absence to her readers.

Not only is it all incredibly complicated? But its also very cool of him. So, lets take a moment and praise MrZoot- who not only keeps me active in the blogging world, but he keeps my blogfriends from having blog crisiseseseses (how the hell do you spell that?) as well.

And while we’re discussing absentee blogging? I’ve been guestblogging for Mike this week too. Go say “Hi.”

TV Time

Lost was even better this week than it was last. If you arent watching it, then watch the 2-hour premier on Saturday and catch up, because it’s awesome. I’d really like to bring up some of the twists, but I don’t want to ruin it. But did I mention it was awesome?

The Apprentice. I am so ashamed to be a woman right now that I might just rip out my uterus and start wearing a tie to work every day. There were two women this week who did not make me want to take testosterone supplements. Jennifer M, and CAROLYN, and she’s not even a freakin’ contestant. She’s just a woman shaking her head in shame like the rest of us.

LilZoot – The Man of the Hour

LilZoot had quite a bit of responsibility the day I got married. He had to escort Ariel and Leah down the aisle during the bridal party procession, and he had to circle back around to come escort me down the aisle. Since my brain turned to mush about 30 minutes before the wedding (Seriously mush. But that’s a story I’ll save for another day.), he had to remember to do that himself. So when I saw him back out next to me before my song played, I thought “Wow. He remembered. I would have forgotten.” And then? My music started and I panicked and entered the wedding hall withOUT my Dad and Son. No only did I entire WITHOUT them, but I TRIPPED on the way in.

Yes. I tripped on the way into my wedding. It was Zoot-perfect.

I paused, gathered my composure, and waited for my Dad and Son to catch up with me. And the laughed the rest of the way down the aisle.

Luckily all of that happened behind standing guests, so MrZ didnt even see. hehe.

Kids say the darndest things…

Phone conversation between LilZ and I yesterday:

LZ – “Mom, everyone is picking on me and SuzyQ now.”
Z – “Because you all are boyfriend and girlfriend?”
LZ – “Yeah. Because we’re the only successful couple in the class.”

Conversation between Stace and Leah:

L – “Does God have a husband?”
S – “Uh…No.” (her first instinct was God as a woman)
L – “Does He have a wife?”
S – “No.”
L – “I remember when baby Moses was born.” (so matter of fact about that)
S – “Uh huh.”
L – “Mommy, do you know why I love my pillow so much?”
S – “Why?”
L – “Because E gave it to me, and it smells like your perfume. So I can hold it and suck my thumb and smell your perfume. It reminds me of you. If you’re dead (so matter of fact about that, too.) I can suck my thumb, and it will smell like your perfume.”

Cool Words

So, I’ve decided I like the word gregarious. I am going to try to work it into conversation more because it’s just a cool word. Do you have any words like that? That you just like? Quintessential. Thats another one, but I’m not sure exactly how to use that one, so I don’t. But I like it when other people use it.

What are your favorite words?