Okay. So at this moment, I SHOULD be waking up LilZoot to take his shower. He’s still sleeping. I SHOULD be fully dressed, whereas I’m wearing my work skirt, but my jammie top. I SHOULD have had at least two cups of coffee by now (decaf. but I still need it.) but I just took the first sip of my first cup. I SHOULD be packing LilZoot’s lunch box, but I don’t even know where it is yet. I SHOULD be proofing and entry that I already wrote. I SHOULD be 15 minutes from leaving for work, but it looks like I’ll be leaving 15 minutes LATE. And that’s at TOP spead -with this crappy entry being one of the casualties.

MrZoot decided to “sleep in” and eventhough he TOLD me (at 4:40am) it didnt register enough to actually realize that would mean I would have no “alarm” (his shower is my alarm) so he’s still in bed and I’m frantically preparing for work. PRAYING I dont forget to take off my house shoes and put ON my dress shoes.

Although, I do work in an office of men, I doubt they’d notice.

But the pink jammie top with the grey suit skirt? That would probably seem odd to them. I think I’ll go take care of that right now. We all know that I don’t need any more “guess what stupid-ass thing I did today” blog material.