One thing leads to another


Do you know what else I want to see tonight? Father of the Pride. First of all? I have an oddly unsettling loyalty to John Goodman. I think it comes from sticking with Roseanne for YEARS, even though it started sucking really bad. (Whose idea was it to have them become rich, anyway?). But also? Because it looks like one of those shows the whole family will like. And also? Because all of the previews make me laugh. And that’s unusual.

I actually made it to work before 7am this morning, so technically? I was on time. And dressed appropriately, I might add. I’d almost go so far as to say that I look nice, except I’m afraid I’ll jinx myself and end up spilling my soup on my white blouse.

MrZ and LilZ are both showing signs of some nasty sinusy/allergy/cold type funk. (How’s THAT for a diagnosis? Call me Dr. Zoot). So – if either of them offer you hugs? Avoid them like the plague. I tend to get whatever they get, but TEN TIMES WORSE.

We all watched Fear Factor last night because it was a reunion of our favorite set of teams. We (meaning all three of us) actually used TiVo to pause and analyze one girl’s boobs. It was obvious she had new boobs from the last time she was on the show, but at certain angles? It looked like one was bigger. The weird thing was? It would change. Sometimes the left one. Sometimes the right one. Either way – they didnt look good on her, which was great because we didnt like her anyway.

We (meaning all three of us) are just plain weird.


22 thoughts on “One thing leads to another”

  1. Hello Mrs. Zoot! I am wondering if you or any of your adoring fans are Survivor followers? I will be hosting a weekly Survivor dialogue once it starts up again…and welcome any and all views (as long as they do not say anything bad about me being a fan :| I am what I am.

  2. Roseanne had some of the best comedic writing of the early 90’s as far as sitcoms go. Dan and Darleen have the best lines in the whole show. But yeah, the show turned to major suckage when they got rich and then Dan cheated on Roseanne… what was that all about anyway?

  3. I noticed the boobs (I’m assuming you mean the ones that were larger than their owner’s head) but didn’t catch the disparity in size. Bummer! Now I’m wishing I hadn’t erased it off Tivo already. I’m counting down the hours till BB5 and TAR start. I’m SO not liking the not having BB on Saturday. Hubby looked at me last night and went, “Oh yeah, BB wasn’t on on Saturday…THAT’S why I’m shaky!” Heh.

  4. Maybe they are just training boobs, and she’s taking them on a test run to see if she should keep them or not.

    The training boobs are often unmarked (L/R) so it’s easy to get them confused when getting dressed.

    Just a thought.

  5. That is very, very funny. I think it’s great that LilZ has the COOLEST MOM IN THE WHOLE WORLD who TiVo-pauses the television to analyze boobs. You are the BEST MOM EVER!

    Will you adopt me?

  6. This is so cool I had to post about it on my blog, too. Boobs that switch! And a mom who POINTS THIS OUT TO HER SON! You are too cool for school.

    Zootie, I read your blog every day. Thank you for your blog. It makes me laugh. I love coming here.

  7. My favorite line from the previews of FotP:

    “You are the worst parents in the world!”

    “No, we aren’t! My parents were!”

    Sorry the guys are feeling so ucky, I feel the same way!

  8. training boobs? The whole family pausing TiVo? This is a funny situation, and I also think that Zoot is a cool mom for closely examining boobs with her son.

    I had a dream that involved Krispy Kreme donuts and I’m totally blaming YOU, Miss Zoot!

  9. I have also always like John Goodman. I would watch him on anything, even if it sucked, just because it was him.
    Looking forward to BB and AR tonight, do you know who was nominated? If so, please share!

  10. OMG! I went to Krispy Kreme last night and completely forgot to mention it. Roommate tried the Key Lime Donut and lived it. I am planning on eating the NY Cheesecake one I got for a snack this afternoon. Hope its yummy!

  11. Oh no, if my husband finds out you can do up close analysis of boobs over and over again on tivo, once we actually get it, I will never have control of it! I must keep this information to myself. Thanks for the heads up on BB5….I didn’t know it was earlier tonight.

  12. Sweeps are coming!!! I’m so excited!

    Can’t wait for BB5 & TAR tonight…even though I’ve been “cheating” & reading ahead (yes, thank you zoot…it’s your fault)!!!

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