Ring Around the Red Stained Tupperware

I have a Rubbermaid container, here at my office, that I use to heat up my lunch. I just realized today, that the label on it says, “STAIN SHEILD – Resists Staining” specifically “Resists Tomato Stains”. It even has a little shield on it as a symbol for the “STAIN SHEILD” quality.

Am I supposed to have problems with stained tupperware? I don’t know if I have any that aren’t stained. I just bought this one at Target several weeks ago when I forgot one from home. Is red-stained tupperware the new “Ring Around the Collar?”. Is it something we should abhor and fight against? Should I be embarassed that all of my gladware is red?

And what ever happened to “Ring Around the Collar” anyway? Don’t you remember when all laundry detergents dealt with getting rid of “Ring Around the Collar”? Do we not care about that anymore? I mean…I don’t think I’ve noticed it on any of MrZoots shirts, ever. Maybe ALL detergent today gets rid of it.

Or maybe we’re too busy stressing about our red-stained food storage containers to worry about the dirt on our collars.

We’re such a fickle set of consumers, arent we?


14 thoughts on “Ring Around the Red Stained Tupperware”

  1. I have heard that if you put our stained Tupperware out in the sun for a day it will be like new. Beats me if it works – who has the time for this shit anyway?

  2. See, this is why I just buy the disposible stuff. As soon as it starts to show signs of wear, I throw it away. Actually, that’s what I would do, except I usually break it/lose it/throw it away full of months old disgusting left overs long before it’s stained anyway.

  3. I gotta admit, they got me. I feel like the stained ones are “dirty” too. I heard that if you spray Pam or something like that inside the Tupperware before you fill it, it won’t stain.

  4. I think ring around the collar was more of a serious problem years ago when it wasn’t the norm to shower every day. But I could be totally wrong. I often am.

  5. I’ve given up on Tupperware. I’ve also given up on ring around the collar!! The fact that I am doing my husband’s laundry is enough!! Can you tell I love laundry?

  6. i only use one type of my tupperware to put tomato products in. that way, i stay away from the red stained look.

    you know, i’ve not noticed any ring around the collar problems. hmm… i’m gonna have to look!

  7. Even though I know the Tupperware/Rubbermaid/Gladware/etc. is clean, as I’ve just taken it out of the dishwasher, I always feel like the stained ones are dirty. Stupid, I KNOW… but something about that red ring drives me batty.

    I need clear Tupperware, Zooty! Need!

    By the way, did the Stainshield work?

  8. I stress about ring around the collar on my husbands shirts… but thats because he is in the ARMY and things like that just don’t fly.

    But my tupperware??? Looks like SATURN it has so many rings.

  9. I have specific containers for
    “red ” stuff. That way I’m the
    only one who sees it…and I’ve also moved into the throw away thingy’s too….That’s great as long as you can get over the horror of throwing them away..

  10. soak that tupperware in bleach! it’s the only way to get rid of the lycotene that’s all up on your tupperware. or just use it red. doesn’t matter much.

  11. The stain is from the oil in the sauce. Anything with oil and butter will heat up very quickly in the microwave before the rest of the food warms. If you want to microwave food you need to use a microwaveable dish…regular plastic will not hold up under the heat! You need to use products like Heat ‘N Serve made by Tupperware, which are specifically made to resist the heat of oil and butter. It is a special line of Tupperware not the refrigerator storage line, which is probably what you are using. Go to my site and click on the shop link at the top of the site…then click on shop by Collection and you will see a link to Heat ‘N Serve. I also have some available for 25% off the retail price if you call me at 1.877.969.6368. I reheat spaghetti in mine all the time and it does not leave a ring…I even have some from 1994 that do not have rings! Hope that helps…if you buy a quality product you will end up saving money…save the cheap-o plastics for sending food home with friends and family, but buy the good stuff for your household.

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