One thing leads to another


Do you know what else I want to see tonight? Father of the Pride. First of all? I have an oddly unsettling loyalty to John Goodman. I think it comes from sticking with Roseanne for YEARS, even though it started sucking really bad. (Whose idea was it to have them become rich, anyway?). But also? Because it looks like one of those shows the whole family will like. And also? Because all of the previews make me laugh. And that’s unusual.

I actually made it to work before 7am this morning, so technically? I was on time. And dressed appropriately, I might add. I’d almost go so far as to say that I look nice, except I’m afraid I’ll jinx myself and end up spilling my soup on my white blouse.

MrZ and LilZ are both showing signs of some nasty sinusy/allergy/cold type funk. (How’s THAT for a diagnosis? Call me Dr. Zoot). So – if either of them offer you hugs? Avoid them like the plague. I tend to get whatever they get, but TEN TIMES WORSE.

We all watched Fear Factor last night because it was a reunion of our favorite set of teams. We (meaning all three of us) actually used TiVo to pause and analyze one girl’s boobs. It was obvious she had new boobs from the last time she was on the show, but at certain angles? It looked like one was bigger. The weird thing was? It would change. Sometimes the left one. Sometimes the right one. Either way – they didnt look good on her, which was great because we didnt like her anyway.

We (meaning all three of us) are just plain weird.


Okay. So at this moment, I SHOULD be waking up LilZoot to take his shower. He’s still sleeping. I SHOULD be fully dressed, whereas I’m wearing my work skirt, but my jammie top. I SHOULD have had at least two cups of coffee by now (decaf. but I still need it.) but I just took the first sip of my first cup. I SHOULD be packing LilZoot’s lunch box, but I don’t even know where it is yet. I SHOULD be proofing and entry that I already wrote. I SHOULD be 15 minutes from leaving for work, but it looks like I’ll be leaving 15 minutes LATE. And that’s at TOP spead -with this crappy entry being one of the casualties.

MrZoot decided to “sleep in” and eventhough he TOLD me (at 4:40am) it didnt register enough to actually realize that would mean I would have no “alarm” (his shower is my alarm) so he’s still in bed and I’m frantically preparing for work. PRAYING I dont forget to take off my house shoes and put ON my dress shoes.

Although, I do work in an office of men, I doubt they’d notice.

But the pink jammie top with the grey suit skirt? That would probably seem odd to them. I think I’ll go take care of that right now. We all know that I don’t need any more “guess what stupid-ass thing I did today” blog material.

LilZoot Rocks

We just went and took a bunch of presents to my neighbor who had her baby this weekend. She had Eric on the day I would have been due had I not miscarried, but that’s neither here nor there.

Anyway – LilZoot was showing her other two children the presents we got them too (we hate for siblings to be left out) and he was so cute. He was showing Phoebe (18 months) how to take care of the baby doll we got her, and he was showing George (3 yrs) the truck we got him. He is so good with smaller kids, he was born to be a big brother. He has always been very sensitive and compassionate for a boy, but I don’t think I realized how nurturing he could be too. I really wish I could have captured it on video to show you all. It was awesome to watch, and just seemed so natural.

I just want to give him a brother or sister so bad it makes me crazy sometimes.

Well. I guess I’m always crazy…its just these times that I have good reason to be.

Ring Around the Red Stained Tupperware

I have a Rubbermaid container, here at my office, that I use to heat up my lunch. I just realized today, that the label on it says, “STAIN SHEILD – Resists Staining” specifically “Resists Tomato Stains”. It even has a little shield on it as a symbol for the “STAIN SHEILD” quality.

Am I supposed to have problems with stained tupperware? I don’t know if I have any that aren’t stained. I just bought this one at Target several weeks ago when I forgot one from home. Is red-stained tupperware the new “Ring Around the Collar?”. Is it something we should abhor and fight against? Should I be embarassed that all of my gladware is red?

And what ever happened to “Ring Around the Collar” anyway? Don’t you remember when all laundry detergents dealt with getting rid of “Ring Around the Collar”? Do we not care about that anymore? I mean…I don’t think I’ve noticed it on any of MrZoots shirts, ever. Maybe ALL detergent today gets rid of it.

Or maybe we’re too busy stressing about our red-stained food storage containers to worry about the dirt on our collars.

We’re such a fickle set of consumers, arent we?

Good Morning!!

My weekend was too short.

Our first soccer game went well. We lost, BUT it was the first time I’ve ever seen one of LilZ’s coaches actually have control over the team. They listened to him, and obeyed him. It was beautiful. Most of the time, it’s some guy screaming over a bunch of boys who are too preoccupied beating each other up and finding things on the field to throw to listen to what he’s saying. We have several REALLY good players who actually seem to like to pass, which is a nice change. It should be a good season.

The game ended up getting called in the third quarter for lightning. And while all the other parents were grabbing chairs and children and running toward their cars to beat the rain – I was chasing after them all screaming “Wait! Do you want a snack? I have snacks! Anyone? Stop! It’s Cheez-Its and Cookie Granola Bars!” Yeah. I got about 8 of them handed out. And half of those were to kids NOT on our team. Oh well.

We saw Without a Paddle yesterday. It was okay. All the funny parts were in the previes. But the weird thing was that Seth Green and Mathew Lilliard were actually playing adults in this flick. When did they make that transition? They’ve been playing high school kids, for like 20 years. It was weird. From the previews I thought they were STILL playing high school kids, but nope. Thirty-year-olds.

Finally? We watched V: the miniseries last night. HA! It was AWESOME. I remeber watching the tv show as a kid, and watching the mini-series yesterday reminded me of bits and pieces of the television series (which I loved). I think I may order the rest of the TV series from today. Did you watch that show at all? The mini-series was still pretty good. Even TWENTY years later. I got really into it, even with the crappy effects.

Or maybe that’s just me.