One thing leads to another

DO NOT FORGET THAT BIG BROTHER AND AMAZING RACE BOTH COME ON AN HOUR EARLIER TONIGHT. Do you know what else I want to see tonight? Father of the Pride. First of all? I have an oddly unsettling loyalty to John Goodman. I think it comes from sticking with Roseanne for YEARS, even though it […]


Okay. So at this moment, I SHOULD be waking up LilZoot to take his shower. He’s still sleeping. I SHOULD be fully dressed, whereas I’m wearing my work skirt, but my jammie top. I SHOULD have had at least two cups of coffee by now (decaf. but I still need it.) but I just took […]

Ring Around the Red Stained Tupperware

I have a Rubbermaid container, here at my office, that I use to heat up my lunch. I just realized today, that the label on it says, “STAIN SHEILD – Resists Staining” specifically “Resists Tomato Stains”. It even has a little shield on it as a symbol for the “STAIN SHEILD” quality. Am I supposed […]

Good Morning!!

My weekend was too short. Our first soccer game went well. We lost, BUT it was the first time I’ve ever seen one of LilZ’s coaches actually have control over the team. They listened to him, and obeyed him. It was beautiful. Most of the time, it’s some guy screaming over a bunch of boys […]