Smart Ass.

MrZ drove yesterday when we went south to take LilZ to camp. He picked me up at my office, and we took HIS car because it has air conditioning. My car? Stayed at my office. As we were pulling into our parking lot of the apartment complex last night, I said “Shit. My Car.” We […]

Low Carb Casualty

Go buy donuts, Dammit! And not just any donuts, Krispy Kreme Donuts! This Low-Carb trend has Gone. Too. Far. If Krispy Kreme folds? I will make my dog Sweetie chew up the shoes of all Atkins dieters AND I will send the bostons over to poop in all your shoes that Sweetie does NOT chew […]

Intoxicating Cuteness

I’d like to take this opportunity to display some pictures of my EXTREMELY photogenic dog – Sweetie. Have I mentioned that we got a new dog? This is how I killed time on the way back from dropping LilZ off today. I don’t want the Bostons to get their feelings hurt, but my GAWD, isnt […]