Friday Bullets: Pop Culture Tid-bits Galore

  • Today was the FOURTH “Monday” of the week since I had to leave my house at 5am to drive 60 miles to drop off a swimsuit for LilZoot that I forgot to put in his trunk
  • We are going to see The Village this weekend. I want to go ahead and see it before it gets ruined for me like The 6th sense did.
  • So – have you all seen the new skin? If you havent it’s because you already have a skin set, so go check it out, it’s the second one down, called “TV Girl”.
  • I’m still doing okay with LilZ being gone until Sunday. I’m getting much better at this!
  • Do you watch Monster House on the Discovery Channel? You should be. This week was Shark House and it was AWESOME.
  • I know who won the BB5 HOH. If you want to know too, Go Here.
  • Did you know Zach Braff (from Scrubs) has a blog? He does.
  • Did you hear that the Arrested Development DVD is coming out in October?. Make sure you buy it. That show is BRILLIANT. And Amalah and BMH are both delusional because we all know that Jason Bateman is in love with me.