Friday Bullets: Pop Culture Tid-bits Galore

  • Today was the FOURTH “Monday” of the week since I had to leave my house at 5am to drive 60 miles to drop off a swimsuit for LilZoot that I forgot to put in his trunk
  • We are going to see The Village this weekend. I want to go ahead and see it before it gets ruined for me like The 6th sense did.
  • So – have you all seen the new skin? If you havent it’s because you already have a skin set, so go check it out, it’s the second one down, called “TV Girl”.
  • I’m still doing okay with LilZ being gone until Sunday. I’m getting much better at this!
  • Do you watch Monster House on the Discovery Channel? You should be. This week was Shark House and it was AWESOME.
  • I know who won the BB5 HOH. If you want to know too, Go Here.
  • Did you know Zach Braff (from Scrubs) has a blog? He does.
  • Did you hear that the Arrested Development DVD is coming out in October?. Make sure you buy it. That show is BRILLIANT. And Amalah and BMH are both delusional because we all know that Jason Bateman is in love with me.

    22 thoughts on “Friday Bullets: Pop Culture Tid-bits Galore”

    1. No, Tjej, I think I understood them just fine. I am not saying that it won’t work for everyone, but most people with body image problems have them not because of any rational reason. It’s a mental illness, and no amount of endorphines is going to make it go away. Hence, the Olsen twin whose an anorexic. She’s not anorexic because she’s even fat, she’s anorexic because she is not happy with who she sees in the mirror. She has become obsessive-compulsive over her body.

      I have nothing per se against people who work out a lot. I admire them. However, I do have very hard feelings against people who do not take the time to understand a problem and just offer a pat answer like, “You need to work out. That will make you feel better about your body,” without even bothering to think about what’s causing this in the first place. It is such a talk show answer. It pisses me off. Because, in reality, its subtext perpetuates the problem. It is saying, “Something is wrong with you and you need to fix it.” Although well-intentioned, it sometimes comes off as condescending regardless.

    2. Totally loved the shark house. I don’t know if I’d want it in my house, per se, but it was so unique. I love that show.

      Secondly, why can’t your ex just by your son another bathing suit to keep at his house, instead of making you drive 60 miles for cripes sake.

      Thirdly, I love Zach Braff, thanks for the tip!

    3. That new skin popped up as the default. I thought someone had moved your page. I was very confused. Please don’t do that again.

      How many inches did you need for that? :)

    4. Monster House ROCKS! The shark team? Awesome! They finished on THURSDAY and everything. Yeah, I think I’m way too hyper here because it’s Friday! and tonight’s the final clean of the apartment(floors) and we’re done. Yippeeeee!

    5. Bitch. Jason Bateman is MINE. He is outside my office right now with coffee and donuts and begging me to marry him. I KEEL YOU.

    6. I had to peek at the spoiler! Thank you! I am sooo glad..I wanna crack Jase with a brick and I am so gla whiny Holly is gone.

    7. Um hm. Like I said, Amalah. DE-LU-SION-AL. I think all this time drinking coffee with Lisa has rotted your brain.

      Jason Bateman? Not outside your office. He’s too busy with his next starring role in “In Love With Zoot.” Coming Soon! To my bedroom. *sigh*

    8. No time to tussle. Too busy trying to remind Jason B that I am a married woman and he is a married man and our love must just stay unrequited for the sake of the children.

      Meanwhile, back at the farm:

      MrZ and MrAmalah are all “Man! How in the Hell did we, two sexy, smart, and successful men end up with two of the most wacked out chicks on the planet.”

    9. that amalah, always trying to start trouble! I really do love the new skin. I like the purple writing that happens when I leave a comment. And The Village? I am so ready for it! But we’re still trying to see Anchorman.

    10. Ok, Zach Braff? He went to my high school. True story. He graduated a year before I even came in as a freshman. And? This movie he’s promoting? He opened it in my home town. And he was THERE. Damn I wish I was home to see that!!

      Oh oh and? You new skin so totally rocks. I love purple. It’s my new setting now ;)

    11. Hell, girls, WHAT are you talking about? Jason and I are sitting here just laughing at your little fight over him when you BOTH know that la Bateman is MINE. Mine, Mine, and more MINE.

    12. Am I the only one true to the cause of Johnny Depp? I just want to be a lackey in a movie he’s in, that’s my level of awe.

      Mainly because if he spoke to me, I’d spill some coffee on both of us, scar him for life, and have a multi-million dollar law suit on my hands. Or something of that nature.

    13. Wow, what a great bulleted list! So many things to love.

      I LOVE the new skin.

      Thank you, thank you, thank you for alerting me to Zach’s “Garden State” blog. I love him more than anything. You are seriously my hero for telling me about this!

      I am seeing “The Village” today. I don’t want to be spoiled.

      And I’ve been hotly anticipating the AD DVDs. They keep releasing cover art, then pulling it back, but it seems like the October date is set. I HOPE hope it doesn’t change!!

    14. Zach is pretty, oh so pretty. And he is my new best friend…with benefits. And you Zoot, although I love you for introducing me to his blog, cannot have him. You are already too busy fighting with Amy and Bren over Jason.

    15. I convinced my chicken shit husband to take me to see The Village tonight. He told me that he’ll have nightmares for the next two days- but if I really want him to, he’ll go with me…. awww.. guilt trip gone wrong. He’s going! And all because he loves me. ;)

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