Bambi – He makes his OWN rules

This is Bambi. LilZoot and I adopted him soon after my ex-hubby and I split. A consolation prize for LilZ maybe? Because I did NOT like cats at the time, but he wanted one. Bambi remembers life when he was the only animal. He likes to cope with this loss by making sure we all know he will do anything he wants and sleep where he desires. He’s such a bitch. Heh. Remember – he STEALS MY PILLOW!

Click any of the pictures to see a larger version of his obstinance in a new window.


17 thoughts on “Bambi – He makes his OWN rules”

  1. I used to have a cat like that, but then one noght he came home and he was faoming at the mouth. I think he may have had rabbies…but he looked just like yours!

  2. I love your cat… he’s gorgeous and really has balls if he’s stealing your pillow.

    I once had a cat who hated my dog (we got him when we adopted maddie-and thought that they would learn to love each other) and would projectile vomit onto our bed from his perch atop the television. He also threw up on top of the refrigerator. And then one day, he fell in love with this little old lady and went to live with her. Now they are both very happy and he doesn’t throw up anymore. And now we have our other dog, buster and he loves maddie and maddie loves buster.
    the end.

  3. here kitty, kitty..
    have you tried switching your pillow case to another pillow? it may just be your scent he likes..just a guess..
    he is a bery handsome boy, I love all animals..

  4. That is now one cool cat! And that grey is something I hunker for for years. The only reason I’m not stealing Bambi is that ocean between us.

  5. That looks familiar – no point sleeping on anything that someone isn’t trying to use. We have one who sleeps on the newspaper so nobody can read it.

  6. I am NOT a cat person, but Bambi makes me want to be one. What a funny cat!! Obstinance is a quality I admire in a cat (people, too, to an extent).

  7. Bambi looks like my family’s cat, Skittles. She is 14 years old but will likely never die. Our family didn’t like cats either, but we’ve converted – hence the 5 kittens currently taking over my parent’s house!

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