When we arrived at LilZ’s camp yesterday, we pulled up next to the greeter so she could tell us what cabin LilZoot would be in. This is the confusing conversation that followed:

Greeter: Hi!
Me: (I’m in the passenger seat. She’s at MrZ’s window) Hi! We have LilZoot here for camp!
Greeter: (looking at her list o’ campers) LilZoot…yes. Do you have his medications with you? You can leave them here.
Me: Um. What medications? He doesnt have any.
Greeter: Oh. Has he been sick recently?
Me: Um. No. He hasnt.
Greeter: (Looking at her list again) Oh…Its hard to read this paper without lines. I guess I’m looking at the wrong camper. Okay. He’s in St. Francis cabin.
LilZ: (whispering from the backseat) St. Francis is a girl’s cabin.
OTHER Greeter: That doesnt sound right.
Greeter: (Looks at the list again) Oh! That’s a girls cabin! He’s in St. Luke’s cabin. It’s this paper, just so hard to read from.

We proceed to the right cabin and dropped him off. On the way home, MrZ and I were rehashing the conversation with the greater. Evidently, he could see the list she was reading from.

MrZ: I didnt even have a card to follow along with and I could tell LilZ was in St. Luke’s cabin. And unmedicated.
Me: Yeah, she was having problems with the whole “unlined paper” thing.
MrZ: Yeah. It’s like, “Oh, I see here your 9-yr-old boy is now a Medicated Female. She’ll be in St. Francis. Have a great week!”

Heh. St. Luke’s is the same cabin with The Best Camp Counselor EVER! that he had last time. He’s in for another perfect week. Hopefully – no one will try to dope him up with some little girl’s medication.


12 thoughts on “Huh?”

  1. That’s frightning to think that those are the people in charge of your child for a week….

    I’m sure he’ll have a great time, they all can’t be that daft…

  2. okay I luhve the new skin. You are so very clever and smart and almost the Queen of Everything. Shh, don’t tell Amalah. :)
    that poor camp counselor – they must have decaffeinated the coffee or something. LilZoot cannot be staying with the girls or they will discover his grody yet clean shirt secret!!

  3. good thing that you were on the ball. too bad you didn’t have a ruler to give her… just to help out with the lines. you know. :)

  4. Maybe if he was in St. Francis he would take a shower. The girls would be able to not only see him, but smell him, so he’d have to shower!

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