Mom’s Home! Everyone HIDE!

Thanks to all who posted yesterday. Here is the final list of authors and their posts. Special thanks to Christine who helped me figure out that one missing pair of quotations can do THIS to a persons layout. But that was the ONLY casualty from yesterdays free-for-all, and it was easily fixed.

Final total? 38 posters and 42 posts. You guys ROCK.


  • Alektra – “Am I First”
  • Sandra“Cool”
  • Debby“from Debby..aka Princess Blonder”
  • Jon in Michigan“Whooohooo! Mom left me the keys!”
  • Busy Mom“Vacation, all I ever wanted”
  • Type A“Cheers”
  • Jennifer: “He’s Baaaack”
  • Snow: “Party at Zoot’s”
  • Silly Old Bear: “Thing’s That Go Zoot” AND “Blogger is down, so you’re stuck with me” AND Potty Talk II
  • Nicole: “Oh Happy Day!”
  • Mitten N Kim: “Shut Up — I get to be Zoot for a day!?”
  • Samantha: “bumper sticker and mini coopers”
  • Someone Nice: “Sending Good Thoughts to Huntsville, AL”
  • MrZoot: “Presentation Presented”
  • J: “Trying This Out”
  • Mike: “Zootastic”
  • CJ: “Edible?”
  • Janet: “OMG I’m Posting on Zoot’s blog!!!” AND “Boston Terrier for Mayor”
  • Oliquig: “Bringing the Funny”
  • Mary: “Oooh, lookie what I can do!”
  • Chlamygirl: “a watched battery never charges”
  • TJ: “*taps vein*”
  • Region Broad: “Throw Momma from the car”
  • Frecklegirl: “Usin’ & Abusin'”
  • DaisyDo: “BB5″
  • Shawn: “Potty Talk”
  • Trisha: “Hi from Trisha’s World”
  • Tani: “Its a Zootiful Day”
  • Amalah: “Attack of the Amalah!”
  • Rbelle: “Question”
  • BellaBelly: “Untitled”
  • Marcie: “The Flannel Lurker Strikes!”
  • Amber: “@*%$”
  • Kerry: “Frozen Treat”
  • Anne: “Heh Heh…”
  • Deb (I dont know if you have a blog, but I’m linking to your Pug’s page because its so insanely adorable): “Oh Zooooott Thanks”
  • Hula Doula: “While Zoot is AWAY!!”
  • Sheryl: “Year of the Dog”

    3 thoughts on “Mom’s Home! Everyone HIDE!”

    1. Thanks for letting us play… I hope one day to have enough readers to warrant opening my blog up to guest posters. As it stands? I’d have about five people, I think.

    2. Here is my Public Lj, I haven’t told any of my friends yet about it because then the whole Lj world will be there, as they are at my rattie journal trying to rule the world. Without a uterus I have discovered I have no more tolerance for them. :o( Soooo I am going to start writing again in this newer version of a journal and hope to get some cool friends over there. I am sooo happy in your world though. And I talk too much. heh

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