Can anyone tell me why I just purchase the PEOPLE magazine with Kirstie Alley on the cover next to the heading “Livin’ Large?” I’ve thought about it, over the last few minutes, I don’t really think I like her as an actress. Why did I buy this magazine? I watched Veronica’s Closet but that was […]

Bambi – He makes his OWN rules

This is Bambi. LilZoot and I adopted him soon after my ex-hubby and I split. A consolation prize for LilZ maybe? Because I did NOT like cats at the time, but he wanted one. Bambi remembers life when he was the only animal. He likes to cope with this loss by making sure we all […]


When we arrived at LilZ’s camp yesterday, we pulled up next to the greeter so she could tell us what cabin LilZoot would be in. This is the confusing conversation that followed: Greeter: Hi! Me: (I’m in the passenger seat. She’s at MrZ’s window) Hi! We have LilZoot here for camp! Greeter: (looking at her […]