Can anyone tell me why I just purchase the PEOPLE magazine with Kirstie Alley on the cover next to the heading “Livin’ Large?” I’ve thought about it, over the last few minutes, I don’t really think I like her as an actress. Why did I buy this magazine? I watched Veronica’s Closet but that was for Kathy Najimy – who I love. I watched Look Who’s Talking, but not for HER. And what else has she done?

I KNOW why I bought it. It’s simple. The cover says she weighs 203lbs now, along with her quote “I like who I am.” I must have decided in that split second, that I needed to know HOW?! I mean – I am like any mentally warped, weight obsessed, insecure American woman. I am constantly wishing I was just a bit smaller, while simultaneously trying to just “be happy” no matter what size I am.

So – I purchased it on a quest to find out how she, at 203lbs, can be “happy” with herself, while I’m freaking out daily over gaining 20lbs since October. I mean, Christ, what is her secret? If she can be happy at 203, surely I can quit crying when I look in the mirror at my size. But I can’t.

My poor husband has to deal with my dressing room tears, my shouts to “stop looking at me!” when I’m getting dressed, and my closed eyes as I pass by a mirror naked. He’s always telling me I’m beautiful, and I get mad at him. Not that “Oh stop it!” flirty mad. But a genuine, honest to god, “Don’t LIE to me you son of a bitch!” mad. What is wrong with me?

Yet here is a woman, who smiles genuinely. She’s happy in her skin. She loves to cook and loves to eat what she cooks, and she’s proud of it. And she’s GORGEOUS. I want to see GORGEOUS when I look in the mirror, no matter what my size.

Kirstie Alley is my new hero. And I havent even opened the magazine yet.

Friday Bullets: Pop Culture Tid-bits Galore

  • Today was the FOURTH “Monday” of the week since I had to leave my house at 5am to drive 60 miles to drop off a swimsuit for LilZoot that I forgot to put in his trunk
  • We are going to see The Village this weekend. I want to go ahead and see it before it gets ruined for me like The 6th sense did.
  • So – have you all seen the new skin? If you havent it’s because you already have a skin set, so go check it out, it’s the second one down, called “TV Girl”.
  • I’m still doing okay with LilZ being gone until Sunday. I’m getting much better at this!
  • Do you watch Monster House on the Discovery Channel? You should be. This week was Shark House and it was AWESOME.
  • I know who won the BB5 HOH. If you want to know too, Go Here.
  • Did you know Zach Braff (from Scrubs) has a blog? He does.
  • Did you hear that the Arrested Development DVD is coming out in October?. Make sure you buy it. That show is BRILLIANT. And Amalah and BMH are both delusional because we all know that Jason Bateman is in love with me.
  • Bambi – He makes his OWN rules

    This is Bambi. LilZoot and I adopted him soon after my ex-hubby and I split. A consolation prize for LilZ maybe? Because I did NOT like cats at the time, but he wanted one. Bambi remembers life when he was the only animal. He likes to cope with this loss by making sure we all know he will do anything he wants and sleep where he desires. He’s such a bitch. Heh. Remember – he STEALS MY PILLOW!

    Click any of the pictures to see a larger version of his obstinance in a new window.

    Is Target Cheating on me?

    I just got back from Target, on my lunch break, and I saw something that could be potentially heartbreaking. There was a PEPSI truck out front, and PEPSI men bringing in new Soda Coolers to put in the aisles.

    Shit. Are they replacing the Coke coolers with PEPSI Coolers? I am a hard-core Coca-Cola girl. Right now? Target has alternating aisles, half are for PEPSI products, half are for Coke. Everytime I go there, I grab a Vanilla Diet Coke out of the Coke Cooler. They had better NOT be taking those away.

    Then? I saw what they were doing. They are putting the new PEPSI coolers in the SAME AISLE as the coke coolers? WTF? They are moving the candy – and putting in PEPSI Coolers. Now – if it stays like this? Great. But I have a sneaking suspicion that those Coke coolers will be gone soon.

    Please tell me Target and Pepsi did NOT get into bed together. I don’t want to hear that they have joined forces. If Target should join forces with anyone, it should be Coca-Cola. I love Target with all of my heart, it would be DEVASTATING if I could not longer grab a cold DVC on my way out every day. *sniff*

    No, I am NOT crying. Jeez, that would be overreacting, doncha’ think?


    When we arrived at LilZ’s camp yesterday, we pulled up next to the greeter so she could tell us what cabin LilZoot would be in. This is the confusing conversation that followed:

    Greeter: Hi!
    Me: (I’m in the passenger seat. She’s at MrZ’s window) Hi! We have LilZoot here for camp!
    Greeter: (looking at her list o’ campers) LilZoot…yes. Do you have his medications with you? You can leave them here.
    Me: Um. What medications? He doesnt have any.
    Greeter: Oh. Has he been sick recently?
    Me: Um. No. He hasnt.
    Greeter: (Looking at her list again) Oh…Its hard to read this paper without lines. I guess I’m looking at the wrong camper. Okay. He’s in St. Francis cabin.
    LilZ: (whispering from the backseat) St. Francis is a girl’s cabin.
    OTHER Greeter: That doesnt sound right.
    Greeter: (Looks at the list again) Oh! That’s a girls cabin! He’s in St. Luke’s cabin. It’s this paper, just so hard to read from.

    We proceed to the right cabin and dropped him off. On the way home, MrZ and I were rehashing the conversation with the greater. Evidently, he could see the list she was reading from.

    MrZ: I didnt even have a card to follow along with and I could tell LilZ was in St. Luke’s cabin. And unmedicated.
    Me: Yeah, she was having problems with the whole “unlined paper” thing.
    MrZ: Yeah. It’s like, “Oh, I see here your 9-yr-old boy is now a Medicated Female. She’ll be in St. Francis. Have a great week!”

    Heh. St. Luke’s is the same cabin with The Best Camp Counselor EVER! that he had last time. He’s in for another perfect week. Hopefully – no one will try to dope him up with some little girl’s medication.