Where is Synergy When You Need Her?

As much as I would LOVE to go into detail of my Fantastically Fabulous Sunday, I can’t yet because all the pictures are on my home computer and that entry just isn’t complete without cute pictures of my husband using a nail gun.

Until then, I have a thought. This is a very serious thought – so if you are used to the light hearted babbling, prepare yourself for a philosophic monologue beyond your most existential dreams. hee.

I was in the mall on my lunch break (where all discussions of metaphysics begin, of course). I wandered into a few of those “teen” stores with all the retro merchandise that really isnt all that retro because its the 80s and that was NOT long enough ago to be considered “retro” dammit. You know – Transformer t-shirts, Atari bandanas, Strawberry Shortcake steering wheel covers, you know the store. I started thinking, do you know what I want?

I want a JEM and the Holograms T-shirt. Who do I talk to about bringing THAT back in style. Screw Strawberry Shortcake and the Care Bears. They have T-shirts and panties and car decals for every item I can THINK of from my childhood. They have Pound Puppies, Q-bert, Go-Bots, hell – they even have freakin’ Smurfs! But I want JEM. I want to see her pink hair and her star “earrings” on a cute babydoll t-shirt. Oooh, And not just JEM (or Jerrica), how about Kimber? She was AWESOME. I want a tin lunchbox with her face on it.

Seriously. If they are going to be making T-shirts and lunchboxes out of the same stuff they did when I was a kid, why not JEM? Is she not Retro enough? Was she not cool enough back in the 80s, so she can’t hold top billing now? How is that decided? Who decides that teenage girls would rather wear a Rainbow Brite t-shirt than one with Jem and the Holograms on it? I mean, I would think that a teenage girl, into “retro” 80s items, would LOVE a JEM and the holograms car decal, dont you?

OOOh. What about the MISFITS for the bad-to the bone girls who want to Rebel against JEM and that Synergy? Some MISFITS pajamas would ROCK. You could have pink glittery shirts for the JEM fans, and black t-shirts for the MISFITS. It could totally draw the line between punk and cheerleader, dont you think? Wouldnt that be genius?

Do you even know what I’m talking about? Come ON! If MrZoot could buy the first season of G.I.Joe on DVD (and he DID buy it, thank you) why can’t I have a friggin JEM T-shirt? Its not like I want them to re-air the TV Series (although that would be KILLER if they did), I just want merchandise. Bah. Why can’t the stuff I REALLY liked from the 80s come back in style.

Damn those Care Bears.


Update: Thanks Oliquig! But – this means the merchandise EXISTS, someone is just choosing not to stock it in a store I can physically enter. Bah. Target has Strawberry Shortcake T-shirts for chrissake. Surely – they can give me a JEM one TWICE as cool as these?

*giggle* I’m totally buying one of those shirts by the way.

Update AGAIN: Holy Holograms! If all of this merchandise exists online, why can’t I get it at the mall? This is so awesome! Now – I can make MrZoot watch JEM since he makes me watch GIJoe. And LilZoot will be so cultured!

And the Winner Was…

Do you want to know who made the final decision for me as to what movie I would go see yesterday?

My Uterus.

Yep. My uterus had already made plans for me to spend the entire day bawled up on the couch cramping and popping ibuprofen like they were sweet tarts. So? I watched a bunch of DVDs I own, but havent seen yet.

1)Le Divorce
This was a nice movie. It was not anything like I thought it was going to be. I tend to get certain previews and reviews mixed up and form my own movie in my head. For some reason – I thought this was about several couples all in love/having an affair with each other’s spouses. And I thought it was strictly a comedy. Well – there were elements my imaginary plot – but it was definitely not 100% laughs, thats for sure. It was good though. Good.

2)Matrix Reloaded
I THINK thats the name of it. My cramping look up the official title.

I tried to watch this at Christmas (it was a gift from the in-laws) but I fell asleep about 20 minutes into it. MrZoot has been dying to see the last one, but I wont let him rent it since I never saw the second part. So? While he was helping his brother build a deck, I decided to watch it. And the suprise of the year? I really really got into it. The only complaint I have is the scene where the girl makes Keanu kiss her like he “she’s HER” pointing to his girlfriend (whats-her-face).

Keanu and whats-her-face – why dont I get paid to write reviews again?

Anyway – that scene felt contrived and almost comical. Other than that though? I really enjoyed the movie. I was on the edge of my seat during the fight scenes and was into the actual story, which, according to the reviews, was sucky. I really was NOT expecting to like that movie, but I did. Go figure.

3. Somthings Gotta Give
Brilliant. Diane Keaton was fantastic. I dont want to spoil it, but I will say that my number one (and only) complaint was that I felt really sorry for one character at the end. I can’t think of a better ending, but I still felt bad for this person. I wont say anymore – I dont want to ruin it if you havent seen it. So – go see it. Its fantasic.

The most amazing thing about this movie? This was the FIRST Keanu Reeves movie I was able to watch and NOT think about Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. That is my biggest beef against Keanu, I always expect him to break out with a surfer-style “Excellent!” in every movie he’s been in. But that movie? I didnt. Not once. I honeslty, for the first time, forgot he was ever in Bill and Ted’s and it made watching him on screen MUCH more enjoyable.

Did you know he’s totally hot? Yeah – I never noticed. Hmmm. Good movie.
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Cinematic Decisions

I’m making MrZoot take me to a movie this afternoon. I can’t decide which to see.

1)The Notebook
This was the first Nicholas Sparks book I ever read. I loved it with all my heart and it moved me emotionally in a way no other love story ever has (I am a HUGE sucker for a love story). I have read every other one of his books and been horribly disappointed that they weren’t like The Notebook. Some of the books I even became angry at they were sooooo unlike it. (Message in a Bottle and Nights in Rodanth). My point? The movie looks just as good as the book. *sigh*

I really wanted to see this with LilZoot. This is one of those movies that is even funnier when you watch it with a 9yrold boy (so was 50 First Dates). Unfortunately – his Dad already took him to see it. I really want to see it in a theater so I might as well see it today when LilZoot is still at his Dad’s. Plus – MrZoot would love this one.

3)The Stepford Wives
LilZoot’s Dad also took him to see that movie (huh?). But – he LOVED it. He said it was even better than Dodgeball. Granted, this is the same kid who liked Garfield, but still, he and I have very similar tastes in movies. This is a movie I’ve been wanting to see too – so maybe I should give it a shot.

So – what would you see?

Friday Bullets – Unmentionables: MENTIONED!

  • In about 60 hours, I will have my son back. In my home. Where he belongs. It has been a long week. Thank you all for not minding me whining too much all week. You’re the best!
  • My dogs would not normally want spinach off my plate. However, if I am standing at the stove, cutting up a chicken breast, and accidentally flip over a sauce pan of hot spinach all over the floor, they will eat it all, regardless of taste or temperature. Afterwards- they will suffer disappointment because the green slimey stuff did NOT taste like chicken.
  • Fridays are no where near as cool when you have to walk through 3 inch deep running water to get to you car. Yeah. Its raining here. I mean – RAINING. Not that there is anything unusual about that – we get these type of downpours – but come ON – its the weekend. Cant we save that shit for Monday? Who do I complain to about that?
  • Is it completely wrong of me to be a little happy that the rain may foil the plans LilZoot’s Dad made to take him to Six Flags today? It is. I know it is. But I can not help it. The less fun he has with his Dad, the less likely it is he’s dreading coming home on Sunday
  • It turns out RayRay (my 7yr old neighbor) doesnt want to hang out with me because she loves me. Nor is it because she knows how much I miss LilZoot and could use some younger company. Nope. Its because of MrZoot’s X-Box. Blah.
  • I am married to an amazing man who has approached all of my breakdowns this week graciously.
    “Wahh….I miss him so much…”
    “I know honey…me too”
  • I thought of another thing I can do with LilZoot gone. Go shopping for underwear! Wee! When I try to drag LilZ into “that section” at Target, he starts going “My EYES – it BURNS!”. So, thanks to last nights trip to Target, I was able to throw away holy holey pairs of panties this morning. Woo!
  • During this underwear mission, of course, we ran into an old high school buddy of MrZoot’s AND one of his co-workers. Luckily? This was on the way to the underwear section, and not after it. I told MrZoot “Once the unmentionables are in the buggy, we stop for no one. I dont want to meet new people with my new undergarments on hand, Thank you very much.”
  • The old high school friend we met? Is married to this natural beauty. This beautiful blonde. As if that wasn’t intimidating enough, it turns out she was MrZoots first middle school girlfriend. I really wish she hadn’t been so sweet, I would have liked to have bad-mouthed her. *sigh*

One Ticket Aboard the 4:00pm Ark, please.

In case I get washed away by the Great Flood (Noah? Where the Hell are you with that damn boat already?!) I just wanted you guys to know that its been fun getting to know each of you…

Seriously. Its still raining in such a way that I am thinking about hitching a ride home on next available current. Who cares if its also sweeping yesterday’s road kill and several abandoned cars away with it, it is still safer than driving in this mess.

The drainage ditch creek behind my apartment floods very quickly in storms like this. MrZoot just emailed me to say he was going home for the day (Bastard!) and I’m hoping he’ll start with the sandbagging so I wont have to worry with it when I get home. Its insane here folks. Where the hell are Mel Gibson and Sissy Spacek when you need them?

Anyone got an umbrella I can borrow? (or, as we say it here in Alabama, “bar-ree”), there doesnt look to be an end anytime soon.