Does Blogroll Hate Me?

Why in the HELL does blogrolling only show my blog as updated like, once a month. Does anyone know? Or can you give me a URL to ping that will alert blogroll that I’ve updated? I dont understand why it does sometimes, but not others. I ping the same defaults that Movable Type allows me to ping, everytime I publish, but I dont know who else to ping. Do you know? Did you manually tell MT to ping a URL that I dont have?

(if we substituted the word “ping” with the word “screw” in that last diatribe? The meaning is completely different and makes me giggle).

Damn. I really dont even know what I’m talking about. Its just frustrating. I never get to see a symbol next to my name to show I’ve updated. I think the blogroll says I last updated June 18th. Come ON, that was – about 20 entries ago. Blah. Blogroll hates me. I know they have a manual ping function (*giggle*), but I dont want to have to do THAT everytime I publish, because I’m freakin’ LAZY.

Any ideas?


5 thoughts on “Does Blogroll Hate Me?”

  1. Do you have your site URL listed as Because you may need to add the \index.php to get it to work correctly. At least that was the issue Mac was having over at pesky’apostrophe.

    But what do I know…I still can’t figure out why a normal line break shows up as a huge gap on my page. I have to manually code in all the breaks. Sigh

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