Lotsa New Stuff

The Zoot household has a lot of things to be excited about. Here is a photo essay showing them all off!

1. New Parking Lot
I wish I had taken pictures BEFORE the new pavement, because our parking lot was such a hazard. There were potholes that were so big, we periodically lost dogs and small children in them. But now look. Its so pretty. I think we may even get lines today. Our old lot was so old you couldnt see the lines. So – yeah lines! I kinda want to get LilZoot a new bike (his old one is BUSTED) so he can test out the smooth surface. He wont know what to do not bracing for impact ever 11 inches.

2. New Gourmet Dog Treats
Periodically, we splurge and buy our dogs gourmet dog treats. Its about more than spoiling our dogs, its about supporting a worthy business. See, we have a “BARKery” in our mall here, and the owners are the nicest people on the planet. Their store is one of those that I just want to see do well, so I spend money there when I can. They love animals and love to hear about every customer’s a dogs. And guys? Few things will win me over quicker than letting me talk about my dogs. So – extra money periodically means yummy yummy dog treats. They have display cases, like a bakery, where you pick what you want. I just get the variety packs though, my dogs arent picky. They look good dont they? That icing? Is yogurt icing. Mmmmm.

3.My Strongbad Shirts
If you do not get your news from FARK, what the hell is wrong with you? Its the best site ever. That is where MrZoot and I discovered homestarrunner.com. It took me longer to “catch on” than it did MrZoot, he’s had car decals and t-shirts forever. I just recently finished watching all of the Strongbad Emails. As a reward to myself, for finally catching up on all of the archives, I ordered a bunch of their t-shirts. Plus? They were having a sale – which is over now, sorry.

4. My new Roos!
Speaking of bringing back JEM and the Holograms, I enjoyed another 80s rebirth this week. I bought ROOS. Man – I had a burgandy pair of these things growing up and they were my favorite shoes. So – when I heard these were on sale? I had to get them. The pink ones? Were TEN DOLLARS. The glitter green ones? Were only 19 dollars. I so love my new shoes. They are the coolest.

And yes. The green ones, which I wore to a softball game Monday night, do have 1.50 in the pockets. Heh. Roos Rock.

Daily Dose of Smart-Ass

Churches in this town like to change their marquees to have inspirational quotes or words of wisdom. The church I saw today said

“Wal-Mart Is Not The Only Saving Place”

Of course not. We have two Super-Targets in this town. And right now? They have all of their groovy picnic and summertime goodies on sale 30% off. If I’m going to hell, I want to make sure I have some Hot Pink Citronella Candles and Aqua Striped Pool floats to take with me.

Tool Time

I spent my Saturday watching movies on the couch. Notice how I did not add a “with MrZoot” on the end of that statement. That is because he was building a deck extension, of course. My father-in-law’s birthday was Sunday, and my mother-in-law wanted MrZoot and his brother (BroA) to build an extension on the deck for the FIL’s grill. So – he went over Saturday at noon and came back around 9pm Saturday evening. Many many many hours working on this deck. Many hours.

Well – he went back over Sunday to “finish”, but there was a weather delay. I was en route to pick up LilZoot 200 miles south, so I had no idea what their progress was. When LilZoot and I finally got to the in-law’s house, this is what we saw.


First of all, I was very impressed with the framework of this deck. Don’t get me wrong. Unfortunately – this was after 10 plus hours of work. How in the HELL were they expecting to get this done by dinner time? These photos were taken around 4pm, dinner was to be around 8pm. Umm…I dont think so.

It turns out – the design suggested by the BroA’s boss, which they spent all day Saturday implementing, did NOT turn out to be what they wanted. BroA has worked building decks part time for awhile now, so he and MrZoot came up with a better plan, tore all the previous build down, and started over on Sunday. So – evidently this picture was really taken after only about two hours worth of work since they had destroyed all the work they completed on Saturday.

Or maybe it had something to do with this?

I was trying to help as much as possible because I knew that my MIL really wanted this all done before they came back from softball. I said,
“So hon, is there anything I can do to help?”
“Sure babe – we could both use another beer.”
Huh? Yeah, until that point? I didnt realize this was a project that involved alcohol consumption. My husband was using power saws and nail guns, for the first time ever, while under the influence of alcohol. I was starting to doubt the whole “we redesigned” story.

I spent the next hour or so cleaning inside and prepping for dinner. I went home and walked our dogs, I got the boys more beers when they ran out, and I said, NUMEROUS times:

“Um, don’t you think you should be wearing protective eye-wear?”
“I’d feel better if you all were wearing goggles, or something.”
“Sunglasses. What about sunglasses? Maybe you all could wear some sunglasses.”

At one point, MrZoot took off his shirt and I changed it up a bit by saying:

“Honey, I dont think working with a powersaw without a shirt is a good idea.”
“Why? Are you afraid I’m going to accidently saw off a nipple?” *scoff*

I said nothing to that, but the shirt went back on.

About an hour after the beer pictures were taken? I took this one.


Notice, MrZoot is now using the nail-gun. Without protective eyewear, but with a shirt – I’ll take what I can get. However – look at the progress! In about an hour! With at least two more beers each. I was beginning to think that maybe it was the beer and the control of the stereo (which is piped out to the deck) which allowed them to work so efficiently. Periodic pauses in work were required for certain drum solos and guitar riffs though. Just as the in-laws were pulling up, the deck was finished. And here it is, in all its glory.


My FIL was so incredibly proud of MrZ and BroA. My MIL was relieved. I was severely impressed. I knew BroA was capable of this job, he does this part-time. But MrZoot? I wasnt so sure he’d have the required skill level, with no experience under his belt. But it turns out? I can now add “power-saw wielding” to his “weight-lifting, animal-loving, computer geek” persona. There is no end to that boy’s talents.


The men of the family. One proud father and his two VERY worn out (and probably fairly drunk) sons.

Does Blogroll Hate Me?

Why in the HELL does blogrolling only show my blog as updated like, once a month. Does anyone know? Or can you give me a URL to ping that will alert blogroll that I’ve updated? I dont understand why it does sometimes, but not others. I ping the same defaults that Movable Type allows me to ping, everytime I publish, but I dont know who else to ping. Do you know? Did you manually tell MT to ping a URL that I dont have?

(if we substituted the word “ping” with the word “screw” in that last diatribe? The meaning is completely different and makes me giggle).

Damn. I really dont even know what I’m talking about. Its just frustrating. I never get to see a symbol next to my name to show I’ve updated. I think the blogroll says I last updated June 18th. Come ON, that was – about 20 entries ago. Blah. Blogroll hates me. I know they have a manual ping function (*giggle*), but I dont want to have to do THAT everytime I publish, because I’m freakin’ LAZY.

Any ideas?