Updates(Warning: UNMedicated)

Update on my screwed up design: So yes. One should NOT screw with designs unless she has ALL web browser packages on her computer to test them on. I know that now (after the comments to last nights reveal) But if there are any voluteers out there using something other than IE who want to […]

Shut the Hell Up

OR The Rules until my Swimmer’s Ear Heals (Or until the DRUGS kick in, but the rules are re-instated as each dose wears off) 1. No showing off in front of your friends with your piece of shit car. Since when did all the white-trash, rednecks move into my apartment complex? Yo. Shit-For-Brains! Yeah YOU […]

Jennifer Love Hewitt is NASTY

American Idol just finished the hour long snooze-fest called the “Pre-Show”. I used that time to implement my new design or else I may have lost my freakin’ mind with all the bullshit-spacefiller. I think Jennifer Love Hewitt looks worse and worse every time I see her. There is NO doubt she becomes more of […]

Health Question

Is there ANY nutritional value whatsoever in a lunch made of a Caramel Frappuccino and Chocolate Chip Muffin from Starbucks? Not that I would EVER consume such a meal, but IF I did, are there ANY vitamins or minerals within those items? Or even fiber? Or calcium? There’s always calcium, right? Well – I was […]