Takin’ One for the Team.

You know – I own a lot of cheap-ass furniture. Seven years in college (Three as a single mom) leaves you only one option: Shit-board furniture. Or hand-me-downs. Or streetcorner steals. Or yard-sale finds. And now that I have a good paying 9-5 job and a working husband, well, then things like this happen.


This is my son’s bookshelf that collapsed ON MY DAMN HEAD. Yeah – there are usually 3 other shelves, but they ALL chose to fall on my head one day when I was putting stuff up. So – I did the best I could by stacking all the books and games up in piles, and then left it. For two months. What the hell should I do? The bookshelf has been taken apart and put back together at least five times. Its been moved a dozen times. It only cost 35 dollars brand-spankin’-new at Wal-Mart anyway, so it has out-lived its predicted life span. There is no way I’m buying anymore crappy furniture. But we don’t have the money to buy GOOD furniture yet. So. What did I do?

I took one for the team. I got rid of ALL my paperbacks (I have a LOT of paperback books). Now? After rearranging the other shelves around the house – I have one small one empty and ready to fill. Now lookie…


Yeah. Now, when LilZoot comes back from summer camp on Friday, it will be all nice and neat for him. Of course, my paperbacks made the ultimate sacrifice, and there is a little bit of emptiness in my heart now (I obsesses over owning the books I read). But hey – if that’s the biggest sacrifice I ever made for my son? I’d be a lucky woman.

But damn…that was like fifty paperbacks. I’m totally regretting this now – do you think anyone would look at me funny if I went and dug them out?