Ah..The Joy of Pets

Isnt my floating candle bowl so pretty? See the green leaf candles? And the green stones? Ahh… I love it so.

Floating Candles

What? What did you say? You said there’s something missing? Oh – is there supposed to be WATER in there? I wondered why the candles were never floating. Jeez. Unless – wait – I DID put water in there. I think I filled that damn bowl up this morning. And the day before that. And the freakin’ 100 days before that. But for some DAMN reason, my cats think its their water bowl. And yes – they have perfectly good water bowls, and yes, we leave the toilet seat up for them (What?) – but they STILL drink the water out of my pretty pretty pretty floating candle bowl. And my candles never know the joy of floating for more than an hour at a time. *sigh*

And Look! I bought the dogs new bones four hours ago…

Arent they cool looking? One is peanut butter flavored and one is BBQ Brisket flavored. Yum. And its good for their teeth. And can you tell they like them?

Nyla Bones

But yes – they DO like them. They like them so much we had to take them away. Do you see? They did not look like this four hours ago when I brought them home. They were much bigger. I know what you are thinking: “But Zoot – those bones arent edible – what happened to the other half of those bones?”. I’ll tell you. There are little nyla-bone crumbs all over my carpet now. Small enough that we don’t SEE them openly enough to pick them up and throw them away – but big enough that they HURT LIKE HELL to step on them. Way to say “Thanks Mom”!


20 thoughts on “Ah..The Joy of Pets”

  1. Ewwww… nylabone-carpet-fuzz-crud. Have I mentioned that I do not miss the dog very much?

    I wonder if you could add something to your floaty bowl that would discourage the cats from drinking the water. Like strychnine. No, just kidding. But I bet a coupla drops of something bitter (my ex’s blood, maybe?) in there would keep them out….

  2. Hee. That sounds like my cats. No, don’t scratch the couch! Dammit! That’s what the damn scratching post is — hey, are you even using this thing?

    Try adding a little lemon juice into the water. I think most cats hate the scent. Plus, then your water will smell all pretty.

  3. I think cats have special sensory skills that let them know about any fresh water in the house. At least my one cat does. Anytime I get a glass of water, she becomes my best friend because she wants to drink it.

    And a totally irrelevent comment because I am too lazy to find the entry it goes with…I was reading a friend’s livejournal today…and he mentioned how much he loves Against Me! etc…and I said, “hey, that is that band that Zoot knows!”

  4. Because of visiting dogs, we placed the cats food and water on the kitchen table. Do the cats drink out of that water? Nooo, they drink out of the water bowl on the floor for the dogs. And when the dogs want to drink there, the cats hiss at them and raise their hackles. These dogs are so sissy, they let the cats win, and let themselves dehydrate.

  5. I think this is the battle of the pillow, part II. They only want what you don’t want them to have.

    Sounds an awful lot like my ex-boyfriend.

  6. My cats always want to drink my water too! One of my cats got his head stuck in a plastic cup once, It was a really funny sight!

  7. my wife walked up while i was reading the part on the bones & had this wierd look in her eye. i had to explain they were chewed dog bones as your pic of them resembles something else now. tell me, are your dogs into an ‘alternative lifestyle?’

  8. Hahaha! Pets. At least your cats aren’t drinking from your glass the second you turn around :)

    I can understand the dogs though, I mean if they’re really peanut butter and BBQ Brisket flavored.. I would try to eat them too!

  9. Haha! Physical proof of the comment you left on my site not too far back when I wrote about my own floating candles. :)

    To be honest, I do not have cats. I simply let the water evaporate. I recognized this deficiency in my cleaning though, and packed them away for now. :)

  10. I gave up and just gave in. We have a dog and a cat and it’s a power struggle. I just give in and give them what they want. If they want candle icky water so be it!!! They rule the roost don’t ya know!

  11. All I can say is…I’m sorry…but inside I’m LMAO…sorry, I know, seems a little cruel but I do understand. I’ve got kids that do the same thing! LOL j/k It just sounded funny. Love you though! smooches!

  12. Ok, I’m way behind and catching up on your whole entire week last week. But I just had to laugh at your bowl. We have a fishbowl with these adorable floaty glass fish and stones. It looks pretty much like your bowl all the time. Poor little fishies all down among the rocks, dying. Well, if they were real. Which is why we can’t have real fish.

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