Friday Bullets: I Cant Hear You.

  • The swelling along my jaw and neck has gone down – thank GOD. Swollen neck and jaw? Does wonders for my already low self-esteem.
  • 65 people ended up here by searching for “Maroon5″ in the last month. I love that. I’ll take the Maroon 5 fans over the person/people who keep getting here searching for “About my breasts and should I massage them?”. FOUR times that search phrase has brought someone here. FOUR. TIMES. If you are asking me? I say – Go for it – massage away – and leave my damn blog out of it.
  • Has anyone braved “Low-Carb Pasta” yet? I’m just curious. I’ve been seeing it around and can’t think of anything MORE unnatural than that. Except the vegetarian corn-dogs I bought my son last week. Those were pretty unnatural – but he said they were good – go figure.
  • Okay – my son? Is working on his tan this summer. After one week of going to the pool with my Sister-In-Law every day (she’s 15, I hired her to watch him) he is a gorgeous shade of brown. He has that gorgeous olive-tone skin that allows him to NEVER EVER burn. He just turns brown. Pretty brown. And me and my office-working, flourescent light-basking, pasty-white ass are beginning to become a tad jealous. Why can’t I get the summer off too?
  • I love smoothies. Yum. I like going to a smoothy-place and ordering a different kind every time – depending on my mood. But these nasty knock-offs by Yoplait or Danon that you can buy at the grocery store? Nasty-ass. At first I was excited “Yeah – smoothies for cheap!” But each time I try one I am reminded why I still pay 4 dollars for the smoothies from the mall.
  • One more week until Harry Potter. One. More. Week.
  • I am so happy Badger made it home on those mastercard commercials. Although I am kinda sad they are over. And can I tell you how THRILLED I am to see so many Boston Terriers on commercials lately. Yeah for Bostons!
  • There is a new album on my photoblogs page. Its a collection of summertime pics I took with my new camera last weekend.
  • Three straight hours of American Idol kinda made me get a taste of crazy in my mouth. One more hour? I totally would have been committed.
  • Since this is a LilZoot Dad weekend, and since his Dad is also taking him to summer camp on Tuesday – then I am about to begin a week long stretch without my son. I am already depressed. Have I mentioned how bad I suffer from separation anxiety when I’m away from LilZ for a long period of time? Yeah- well – stick around the next week – you’ll find out how ugly it gets.
  • Claire got comments finally! Go leave her one. She’s great – and she updates all the time, which I LOVE.
  • So – I would love to make some snarky comment about this season of 24, but since some of you overseas have not SEEN this season yet, then I’ll refrain.
  • I will, however, say that I cried harder after the Joan of Arcadia finale than I have EVER over ANY t.v. show or movie in the history of time. I bawled my freakin’ eyes out people. I am not at all religious – but my GOD (no pun intended) that episode made me cry cry cry like a little baby. yep.
  • I downloaded wordpress and have been setting up the “new” Haiku Smackdown site on it. The current one is actually housed at Typepad. Its kinda tough to learn my way around a NEW program considering I just used MT for the first time in March – but its pretty user friendly – and a HELL Of a lot easier to install than MT thats for damn sure. Anyone else switching? Once this is all in place (BEFORE THURSDAY) we dont have to worry about Typepad crashing and taking our haiku site with it.
  • I love the south. I really do – but if I see another variation of Calvin (as in “& Hobbes”) pissing on some truck symbol, or NASCAR number, or baseball team logo – I am going to beat someone. Seriously. Stop it. Calvin creates his own sports, and builds twisted snowmen, he doesnt piss on Jeff Gordon or Ford Truck owners – get over it – and find a DIFFERENT character to deface – I love Calvin.

24 thoughts on “Friday Bullets: I Cant Hear You.”

  1. The best thing about California? Smoothie places everywhere. I don’t go to no mall, there’s about five just hanging around town.

    And my roommate works for Jamba Juice, so FREE.


  2. Augh! I missed the Joan of Arcadia finale and craned my neck at the tv screen in the gym for the last three minutes of it… but I’d forgotten my headphones!

  3. I agree with you about Calvin. It makes me really mad. Poor sweet little boy being abused that way.

    The smoothie thing: I also hate the Dannon, etc. but the soy ones from Silk are Really good! Also, you can feel good that you’re drinking soy. :)

  4. As another Southern, I agree completely regarding the Calvin stickers… it’s gotten far too out of hand in my small Georgian town.

  5. LOVE the new camera…the pix are so clear and beautiful! Can we say jealous much, Junkie?

    Oh, and one more week to HP? CANNOT get here fast enough!

  6. I know what you mean about the separation anxiety. When my kids were smaller and went to the “sperm donor’s” house every other weekend, I missed them terribly. Kinda glad he is such a cheapskate idiot that he never took them more than that. God forbid he spent another minute or another penny than he had to.
    My kids also have good skin tones which allows them to tan nicely rather than turn into something that looks like a week old tomato like me. In my next life, I am coming back with a tan.

  7. Where have I been? Your site looks beeEEEyoutiful! Was there a change and I missed it? Let me tell you now– AWESOME and now I’m sorry I never watched Joan of Arcadie so that I could have seen the last epidsode and bawled– I love to bawl and have such a need and no good show to turn to to incite the bawl. Hope the ear is doing better and BTW– you are JUST like me wanting the best best best 900 thread sheet count–FEH. I LURVED your comment (and I put another roll of TP in there for you).

  8. Wow, that is an interesting search phrase to have come up 4 times. Then again, I keep getting people searching for Alexandria Kerry’s breasts. If they could spell her name, they’d have better luck. I’m actually beginning to feel a bit guilty about their disappointment. Not that I’m planning on flashing on my blog anytime soon…but still.

  9. Okay, so my favorite smoothie? Peanutbutter and banana. So freakin’ good.

    You must blog non-stop, and therefore keep your mind off of Lil Z-man, who will have a blast at camp, and by the way? Get even more tan.

    And I fully agree. I hate when people turn comics and things that are supposed to be innocent fun into trash. Grrr.

  10. I used to miss my kids terribly when they’re gone, too, until I started making a point of doing things I couldn’t possibly do while they were around. That helped tremendously. Now, mine are younger than yours, so you’ll have to think harder than I did, but still… I have faith in you. ;)

  11. Ohhh tons of calvins peeing on stuff here too. HATE that..I LOVE Calvin.
    Funny though, some dumbass driving a DODGE has a sticker with calvin peeing on a DODGE!
    What does that mean? He spent 30k on a truck he doesn’t like?
    What the?

  12. * Low-Carb Pasta. Ahh. I could go on and on. Here’s the thing: avoid white flour. People don’t get that. It’s not “CARBS” we should be avoiding, it’s products with white flour. “Low-carb” on the label is often very very misleading these days. What you WANT is multi-grain or whole-wheat pasta. Some people find it hard to get used to — I personally love it. It’s got a nutty sort of taste. Anyway, that’s my bit on that.

    *Your son? SO not fair about the tan. I’m pasty, worried about skin cancer and wrinkles, and forced to use self-tanners. Thank God for Benefit Cosmetics and their bronzers (Hoola & Flamingo Fancy).

    *Mall smoothies. They have the best ones in the States. Love mall smoothies.

    *Calvin pees on Fords/Chevies/etc. here in Canada too. It’s not a southern thing, it’s just a stupid-people thing.

  13. I’m so afraid of low carb pasta. I eat low carb, but I am of the opinion that if I decide one night that I just have to have some pasta, it may as well just be a small portion of regular pasta.

  14. I think Calvin would have peed on anything given the chance. That’s what we boys do – pee on things.

    Please keep me up to date on your Word Press progress, I’m considering installing for my site….myself. (did that sound like Austin Powers?)

  15. Yeah, we got the peeing Calvin here too, and boy does it piss (hee) me off.

    As to LilZ tanned, that is completely unfair, says this so white she glows, person.

  16. I tried the low carb pasta and loved it! It basically tastes the same with whole wheat flour in the pasta….making it a more filling pasta. Trader Joe’s has it (if you have a trader joe’s where you are).


  17. PS — I am not sure if this is snarky, but i thought the 24 season ending was a bit blase….not very exciting compared to last season’s ending.


  18. Hi! It’s my first time visiting you! I really like your blog and was wondering if you would mind if I link you. Come visit me sometime. I update my blog about four times a day.

  19. being from huntsville, i thought that crap was limited to the south. sorry to inform you, but redneckitis runs all over the country. i have seen confederate flags on trucks up here in cleveland. it’s bad enough being around that crap when you live in the south, why would someone bring it up here?

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