• Disaster Movies meet the Real World

    1:00am this morning – Wake up to tornado sirens. Since we saw Day After Tomorrow on Saturday, my first thought is “Oh Shit. If I look out that window and see multiple tornadoes, I’m going to crap all over myself”. Look out window, no wind, no rain, and no nothing indicating bad weather. Turn on TV, while fearing seeing footage of tsunamis washing over the Statue of Liberty. Damn that movie!

    1:15 – Sirens turn off, but tornado warning still active. Still no rain. No car-size hail Damn that movie! Go back to sleep.

    1:30 – Shoot out of bed at sound of sudden storm. Fear the ice age is eminent. Damn that movie! Be on the look out land born hurricanes. Damn that movie!

    1:45 – Turn on TV again – we are still under tornado warning. Consider hiding in bathroom until weather map indicates that the worst part of the storm has already passed. Should have been in the tub 15 minutes ago. Say silent thanks that my stupidity and laziness didn’t get us killed.

    2:00 Power out. Shit. Oh well worst part of storm is passed. All we can do is sleep and hope the food doesn’t go bad.

    5:30 Wake up. Power still out . Worry more about the loss of food. Realize I can’t do anything about it. Wonder why I feel cold when the AC has been off for hours. Think the ice age must definitely be upon us Damn that movie!. Go back to sleep.

    7:30 Wake up. Power back on! Woo! Food should not be spoiled. Get up and start the day.

    8:30 Sit down to write an entry about the freaky weather and my fear of the global climate change thanks to that damn movie we saw on Saturday.

    8:45 Entry done. Get ready to publish. Friggin’ power goes out again. Go chat with the neighbors about the damn power outages and how thankful I am we live in the Southern US where the temperature drop won’t kill us when the global climate change occurs Damn that movie!.

    10:00 Decide to screw living life by candlelight and cold baths. Go to salon to get pretty.

    2pm Home. Pretty. Power still on. Write entry quickly. Be on the lookout for 15 degree temperature drops along the Atlantic Current though because I am still fearing the evacuation of the northern hemisphere due to a freak arrival of the next Ice Age before LilZoot gets back from summer camp. Damn that movie!