• Friday Bullets

  • Every Thursday I fall a little bit more in love with the Robfather.
  • Seeing John Stevens get voted out wasnt nearly as fullfilling as I thought it would be. Maybe because I realized they all kinda suck in their own right, dont they?
  • There are a LOT of cat lovers out there in blogging world. And all of you know my cats better than me.
  • I also fell a little bit more in love with MrZoot this week as he poked fun of me when I was not feeling well. Because there is nothing like a man mocking you in your darkest hour to make you feel loved.
  • LilZoot has decided he is against the death penalty. He thinks that criminals should just go to jail forever, and have to do REALLY hard homework, even on the weekends
  • In response to a teaser for the news last night regarding same-sex marriage, LilZoot also said

    “I dont understand what the big deal is about gay people getting married. Thats just silly that SOME people dont want to let them. This is supposed to be a ‘free country’, we should marry who we love”

    He even used finger-quotes around the words “free country”. His political views are shaping people, and he’s breaking out the finger quotes. I believe we may be looking at our president in about 30 years or so. Vote for LilZoot 2036.

  • We are still out of freakin’ poopy bags.
  • I really really really want that camera phone that advertises as a Mother’s Day Gift. You know the one where its buy one, get one free? That one. And the Father takes a picture of the syrup with his new phone and giggles as he sends it to his wife who is laying in bed next to him? That one. That commercial cracks me up
  • MrZoot actually said that “TROY” looks dumb, and thought that might phase me in the slightest. Come ON. Scantily. Clad. Brad. Pitt. Oh, and dont forget: Covered in Sweat. Give me a break – it doesnt need to be good. The drool factor is at least a 9 on a scale of 1-10, and that is enough to get me to watch it.
  • So – When are we all going to see “13 going on 30”?
  • Did any of you all notice that was Lacy Chabert in that movie “Mean Girls”? She’s the little girl from “Party of Five”. What’s she doing with boobs? When did she grow up? I mean, I only watched the first season of that show, but that wasnt THAT long ago, was it?