Am I a bad mother for not caring a lot that my son saw Janet Jackson’s breast during the Super Bowl halftime show? I mean, I flinched for a second fearing full nudity (yeah – I know – thats not going to happen) and braced to cover my sons eyes, but it was just a […]

Mondays SUCK.

Its one of those days. My hair is BEYOND frizzy, so much so that the clippy I brought to keep it out of my face has popped out 3 times. Yes, my hair is planning a mutiny on my scalp. You’ve been warned. I have eaten so many cashews today (see damn Super Bowl leftovers) […]


So – Yesterday was the Super Bowl. Also known as “One of many annual events that Zoot feels it’s NECESSARY to binge eat the most unhealthy food imaginable”. I decided this year to make it a two-day event. We had a crock pot full of my special cheese dip, some homemade french onion dip, salsa, […]