• ‘A’ thru Zoot.

    Admiring amalah for her cool idea to do this and Lauren for her ability to create one herself the same day. Its taken me over a WEEK. Damn letter “G”

    Blaming my mood on the fuckin’ weather. I need the sun. Please?

    Crying over Joan of Arcadia. Every. Single. Friday.

    Daydreaming about having a baby.

    Erasing the “Excited about…” entry just here so that I can use it for “X”

    Freaking out over my son demonstrating his mother’s tendency to lose EVERYTHING

    Giving up thinking of something witty and original for “G”. “G” sucks

    Happy because I came up with something for “G”

    Insane for the new Japanese Restaurant we discovered. It’s not just the food, its the EXPERIENCE.

    Joking about my caffeine addiction. Although my kidneys do NOT find it funny.

    Kissing my dogs, cats, son and husband withOUT rinsing between.

    Laughing over skipping “L” the first time. Man, I crack my alphabetical skills UP.

    Mistaken for Jodie Foster dozens of times (I dont understand either…) and Kate Hudson once, in a wedding photo, but I’ll savor the compliment until the day I die. And Longer.

    Need a mat to put under our new Eliptical Trainer.

    Out of aluminum foil. How do I protect myself from the commucations of E.T.s now?

    Praying for SUNSHINE

    Quoting ALL of the TWOP Recappers whenever I’m discussing T.V. And trying to remember NOT to claim the wit as my own…

    Reading funny chics all OVER the web. Check the sidebar

    Saving for a house.

    Trying to teach myself all about Style Sheets and Templates. I’m failing miserably.

    Understanding why it took me over a week to finish this list. Its freakin’ impossible.

    Voted “Most Dependable” as a senior in high school.

    Went to Catholic schools for 12 years. 12. Years. Seriously.

    Xcited about seeing Keifer and Angelina on screen together, even if the movie sucks ass.

    Yearning for 4pm so I can go warm up thanks to the 40 below weather INSIDE my office

    Zoning out wondering how I was able to come up with “Z” easier than “G”.