Its that time of year for my house, when I go through all of the “storage” and purge it of items that I forgot we had or that we havent used in more than an year. I mean, I am a one-woman “Clean Sweep Team”. However, this year – I am doing a much more thorough job of it this time around than I usually do. MrZoot is finally coming around and seeing the light. He is finally letting me get rid of those items he’s been holding onto forever. Like the broken TV that he bought “with his OWN money” when he was 10. He’s letting me trast that. I love him for it. And let me tell you.

It feels sooooo goood. Seriously.

I have a huge pile of garbage growing in the spare bedroom/study/junk room. I think this morning it actually grew to take up more space than the stuff in the room that BELONGS there. When I throw that pile away? Now THAT will be the epitome of ectasy for an anal-retentive, obsessive compulsive, perpetual organizer like me. Try it, seriously.

I mean – I go to friends or family’s house who may not be as obsessed with compartmentalization as I am, and I stare at their closets, or piles of “stuff” and dream about taking care of it myself. When mom was hospitalized in 2002, I cleaned her apartment top to bottom and it was AWESOME. If I can’t think of a use for an object in the next year, it is GONE. I am not a minimalist like my dad and brother, I just like to be organized. EVERYTHING Has its place.

I have severe issues. But – if you need a closet organized or a basement cleaned – call me – I’d probably pay YOU for the entertainment.

My Love of Spray Butter.

Can I just say this one thing? That no calorie spray butter you can get ROCKS MY WORLD. If you like butter, but you are “dieting” – buy it. Now. Seriously. What are you waiting on. It has ZERO calories! And it tastes like butter. Man, I’ve been coating EVERYTHING with that stuff. It makes that diet popcorn actually taste like popcorn. Or at least butter, instead of tasting like the newspaper. With Salt.

My Folding Dining Room Table

Its been 2 years since I started living in the real world, post-college, and I am trying to be a little more classy and sophisticated. Shut UP. For example, the black lacquer bedroom set I got for 35 dollars from a couple moving to Colorado is a TAD outdated. I mean – who doesnt love black lacquer? But this stuff had MIRRORS and GOLD TRIM. I heard Debbie Gibson singing and bangle bracelets jingling every time I walked into my bedroom. VH1 could use my bedroom as the backdrop of their interviews for “I Love the 80s”.

So – I removed the doors of said furniture (with the mirrors on them ) and put wicker baskets on the shelves to hold my clothes. Cool Huh? Not quite real furniture, but hey – the mirrors are gone, and I’ll take what I can get.

My point – I’ve been looking for solutions like this for a lot of my interior design issues. All of my furniture is either A) a hand-me-down from someone who grew up faster than I did B)made out of fake wood and required assembly or C) furniture I found on the side of the road. My dining room table? Is a folding card table with matching folding chairs. I DO have a cool picnic table but Mr.Zoot is too bid to use it, so the card table is where we “Dine”. Unfortuanately I do NOT have a lot of extra money JUST for furniture (I mean – we WOULD like to buy a house sometimes…) so I have been looking for genius solutions like my baskets.

Well – this is what I’ve discovered. All of those “do-it-yourself/make the ugly pretty again/turn the crap to crystal” type magazines and websites I have found simply SUCK. Or – they suck for ME anyway . They are perfect if you are a person who either A) has money to invest in these DIY projects, because DIY doent NOT mean CHEAP B) has the time to spend 3 weeks stripping, sanding and refinishing crappy furniture or C)has the SKILLS to turn that black lacquer wardrobe into a cherry armoire.

Nothing out there for the busy, poor, skillless woman who just wants to live in surroundings that look like they are at least from the last decade and preferably the last few years. I mean – lets face it – colonial designs and antique furniture? Those are “good” old. White Wicker furnire? Thats Shabby Chic. Black lacquer and gold trim? Not so much. Why doesn’t any of these magazines and websites have cheap ideas that require little time, no skill, but will make old crap look update. I’m asking for too much arent I?

So – I think I’ll give up and live with my card table and folding chair dining room set. I mean – it could be worse. At least I have my TiVo. Who needs a real dining room set when you have TiVo, right?

In the Beginning…

Sushi Night
Random photo taken of me and D sometime in 2004

You want to know a secret? Its not really January 7th, 2004. Its really August 5th, 2004. I am simply backdating this as an effort to put some sort of introduction to this blog. Some background information – if you will.

See? I did start blogging sometime around the beginning of January, 2004. Like all bloggers, I wasnt sure, in the beginning, what I wanted to be about on my blog. Would I do one entry a day? Like a journal? Or would I write many entries, short and sweet, more like a blog?

Then – would I put up pictures of my family? Would I say what town I lived in? Will anyone ever READ this? Does it matter if I remain anonymous?

Well – after a few months – I had gotten into the writing groove – worked out a little niche. But it looked like crap. I was using Typepad, which is great – but I wanted it to be prettier. I downloaded MT 2.664, bought this domain, and started teaching myself about stylesheets. I was still updating my Typepad site, until I had a decent layout to unveil my new blog.

This is actually my first entry at this domain. I slowly started copy and pasting entries from my other blog. I only brought over about 10-15 of the old entries. I was smart enough to start using MT and working with stylesheets, but too stupid to know how to import entries and comments from another blog. So? I just copied and pasted, and said goodbye to about 80 entries and about 100 comments. I only saved my favorite entries and left them comment-free.

So – here I am wishing I had thought a bit before tossing the old blog, I wish I had saved some of those other entries and comments. But I didnt. No going back now.

And now look at this site. Skins, and javascripts. PHP and CSS. Perl and HTML. I have learned a lot in the last 8mnths. I have done it all myself with MINIMAL help from my husband. He knows a bunch, but I only asked when I was desperate. I know more about the evolution of blogging than I care to admit! My blogging style has grown into an open format with multiple entries a day.

I have found my niche, and I hope you enjoy it.

So – I have decided to officially make this day – Fake January 7th, 2004 – my official blog birthday. That way – I’ll know when to celebrate it next year! I hope you’ll come back and celebrate.